Muslim prisoners offered ham sandwiches sue for millions

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by creddly, Oct 26, 2007.

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  1. Scores of Muslim inmates at a high security prison are set to launch a multi-million pound claim for compensation after they were offered ham sandwiches during the holy month of Ramadan.

    They say their human rights were breached when they were given a special nightly menu - drawn up to recognise their specific dietary requirements - by officers at HMP Leeds last month.

    More than 200 Muslim inmates at the jail are believed to have been offered the meat which is strictly forbidden by Islam.

    The sandwich was one of three options on the menu card which was created to cover the religious festival during which Muslims are required to fast during daylight.

    They later complained to prison officers on duty but say they were told that the menus had been printed in error.

    Yet when they opened the sandwiches, having ordered cheese, some claim they were still filled with boiled ham.

    They are now launching legal action, insisting that their human rights were breached and could each be entitled to up to £10,000 in compensation if they win their case at court.

    One Muslim inmate, a 28-year-old who was serving a 16-week sentence for driving whilst disqualified, said: 'When I opened my meal that night I found I'd been given a ham sandwich. I'd asked for cheese.

    'It was a breach of my human rights and I want compensation.'

    He claimed that some inmates were so hungry they ended up eating the sandwiches.

    The prison denied that any Muslim prisoners had been given ham sandwiches but admitted there had been a mistake when the menus were printed.

    A spokesman for the Ministry of Justice said: 'An inappropriate menu card was printed during Ramadan. This mistake was rectified immediately.

    'Appropriate menu options for the Iftaar evening meal were available throughout Ramadan.

    'Prison Service guidelines state that prisoners must have a diet which meets the requirements of their religion.'

    It comes as 16 Muslim inmates at Leeds Prison prepare to launch a separate legal case over claims of mistreatment, including being given food that is forbidden by their religion.

    They are expected to claim at a hearing next year that they were given meat which was not halal.

    Kate Maynard, from law firm Hickman and Rose Solicitors who is representing some of the men, said: 'One of the issues they are worried about is that they were being told food was halal when it wasn't.

    'They are taking this to court to try to change conditions in the prison and make conditions better.'

    Last year the Prison Service was forced to apologise to Muslim inmates at a category B jail after a kitchen worker was caught throwing ham into halal curries.

    Prisoners at HMP Blakenhurst in Worcestershire each received a written apology.

    The inmate behind the attack at the prison, which houses 1,070 offenders, was observed throwing tinned ham into curries destined for Muslim inmates and suspended from his job in the kitchen.
  2. Nice one, haven't laughed this much since the undertaker was caught laying bacon over muslim bodies.

    As soon as any shite breaks the law they should lose all their entitlement to any form of human rights. They broke the law, they are not human so no right to claim.

    As for these nobbers, they are in a British jail, they abide by our prison rules and they eat what they are fuckin' given and sod any religeous crap.

    Is that a rant - you bet your life it is, I am getting so fed up with these arseholes and their demands and privileges. They would have no say at all in their home country jail, they would be whipped for complaining.

    I would gladly pay extra taxes to pay for the bus waiting outside the jail to take them to the airport and sent home.
  3. Should all get a good serve of pork sword
  4. Mustafa Hamsandwich.................Good old Daily Mail, no doubt a minor grain of truth in this story somewhere.
  5. A good few years back an airline I worked for got a sub charter to Tel Aviv.
    Before the error was corrected the intended menu was a pork pie salad. I kid you not!
  6. A spokesman for the Ministry of Justice said: 'An inappropriate menu card was printed during Ramadan. This mistake was rectified immediately.

    FFS menu card!! Where do they think they are the wardroom?
  7. No deterrent H. A lot of them are quite partial to that. Why do you think Lawrence of Arabia never put in for a swap draft?
  8. That's it, I'm suing. We didn't get a menu card at the G-Spot!

    Just a thought: what's wrong with using the moth-balled ships parked up in Pompey harbour (no doubt there's some in Guzz too) as prison ships?

    If they were good enough for us...
  9. bobc, if they were good enough for us that means they are to good for those twats, just a thought?
  10. >>>>>>>>>>>>

    He claimed that some inmates were so hungry they ended up eating the sandwiches.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.

    It is Ok to eat the meat of the pig during you a £ to a pinch of pig shit that these twats win their case and the ffffing lawyers get £KKKKKs in legal aid.
  11. Quite right to! As pigs are such sacred creatures surely the offended should be fed the food of these creatures - feed em pig swill, until the day they can be repatriated to a muslim country - tomorrow is not soon enough! Lets see em complain from there!!
  12. I have always thought that airlines should supply a substantial bag of Pork Scratchings, food of the Gods that it is to go with your G&T as opposed to the stingy miniscule bag of nibbly things.
  13. Just had my supper...stottie cake, ham and peace pudding sandwiches......lovely grub....looking foward to my bacon butties for breakfast. They do not know what they are missing.
  14. Problem with issues like this even if the UK courts refused to deal with it and UK lawyers declined , latter unlikely as there's money involved , the c***s would go to the European court and get supported 100% . Bastards want to destroy the Old Country it appears ,

  15. You need to come here, virtually every butchers counter has big bowls of freshly made real ones. Oh and the best black puddings.
    This mediterrannean diet isn't all it's cracked up to be :smile:
  16. They get a menu card? They get the kitchens to open up late for the criminals during Rammadan? They should get a bag of crisps and be told to crack on! The Prison Service is not here to serve their religious leanings, they broke the law, they now need to make it work!

    If the Daily Mail is being truthful here, what the bloody hell is going on in our prisons? Some wings the prisoners get the key to their cells! Its not a hotel/holiday camp!
  17. For info: they're not sacred - that's cows in India. Muslims think pork is unclean and that belief comes from the worms and things that pork contains. It's a difficult meat to handle in very hot countries where cooking standards aren't so hot!

    (They do sometimes take it to extremes though. When I was in Bahrain it was reported in the English paper that a consignment of Tomato Sauce was ditched into the sea because the labels on the back of the bottles included a recipe that contained pork!)
  18. Interesting to note that in some hotels in Dubai you can now get pukka bacon for breakfast.
  19. _________________

    Matey you have my vote for becoming the next PM. Only if I can be in your cabinet tho. :thumright:
  20. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I can see nothing wrong with the allegation as described. The HM Prison Service is obliged to recognise inmates' religious beliefs (iaw Article 9 of the 1998 Human Rights Act), and to blatantly offer ham sandwiches in lieu of cheese, as they had ordered, is clearly in breach of those obligations.

    I'll use an alternative scenario: you are a non-meat eating service person on board a ship/establishment and ask for the vegetarian option - or personal/dietary reasons - only to find that when you are given is not as described. Would you complain? Of course you would! But it seems once again the Daily Wail (and it's circulation) are attempting to turn a story about poor prison conditions (see the other legal actions made by the prisoners against HMP Leeds), into a religious issue.

    As this is in Current Affairs the matter should be discussed appropriately; let's leave the lower deck racism for Lil's or the Quarterdeck.

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