Muslim Pc refused to shake hands

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by slim, Jan 21, 2007.

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  1. FFS what is the world coming too.

    Watch this you say, how long till the compensation claim goes in...who's going to be brave enough to run a book on that one

    My money would be just outside 2 years having completed the probationary period.
  2. Muslim attitudes are now really beginning to piss me off.
    Shaking hands is part of British culture as well as that of many other cultures. This is just another example of how Muslims refuse to fit in with the culture of their host country. If that's how they want to live that's fine, but if that's what they want, they should go and live in an Islamic country.
    We don't seem to have this sort of problem with followers of other religions.
  3. It seems to me that the UK muslim Community is on a mission to see how far they can push things to stir up things and Claim vicitimisation and compo!What next?It has only succeded in pissing me off more and more!They should kick her out as unfit for service!!!!
  4. i dont think iam a Jade "rascist" goody, but i am sick of the extremist muslims in this country.

    i am sure that the majority vast vast majority is of the "live and let live"attitude

    but as usual it takes but a few to f*ck it up for the rest of them.
  5. I have no problems at all with the majority of the Muslim community. However if those who wish to practise their faith to these extremes they should consider carefully which type of employment they accept. Obviously some occupations are totally unsuitable and I would suggest in this case a police constable is one of them.
  6. slim

    i wish i was as eloquent as you - you make a rational argument with succint points every time

    i just want to throttle some bast*rd
  7. This woman obviously puts the laws and customs of her religion above those of the UK, therefore she is unfit to be a police officer charged with upholding those laws.
  8. I agree - but it is not the Muslim community, rather a radical minority within the community trying to maintain seperateness for their own theopolitical purposes. Just to put this radical minority in some perspective however, they are little different in their ethos or approach to conservative Roman Catholicism or to fundamentalist Protestantism. Just think about the Cowcaddens firemen or the RUC in the 1970s.

    What's Ruth Kelly done NOW?!! :wink: Oh that...

    Well regarding both of them, isn't that what FAITH is all about? ...and for that matter, sociopolitical fundamentalism like faschism, communism and communitarianism?
  9. Personally I am fed up of all extremists, Muslim, Christian Hindu etc etc.
  10. Does it really matter that she would not shake hands with Sir Ian Blair. Providing she does her job to the standard expected she can refuse to touch anybody socially that she feels like for what ever reason.

    The said Ian Blair was my immediate boss for one year back in the 80's and I would not shake his hand either, Total Txxxer.

  11. Given some of the types of people the police have to deal with on an everyday basis surely it is commonsense not to shake hands as a matter of course to reduce the risk of catching something nasty and/or fatal.

  12. I live in a country where it is not normal to shake hands generaly, but most people realise that if a hand is offered out of respect or friendly greeting, to turn it down is just plain rude.
    In the case of this dumbass, that;s just like joining the military and saying you won't salute women because you believe them to be an inferior breed. This is 2007, when will these clowns wake up and realise that you play by the rules of the country and the service you are in or if you really want to live like a retarded muslim go and live in a muslim country where you won't be ragarded as such a freak.
    God help our police force. Pathetic show all round, she should have been binned there and then. Cheeky monkey.
  13. Didn't I read somewhere that she is a white Muslim convert? Converts usually think they have more to prove in any faith.
    Personally, I am fed up of all extreme Muslim crap thats going on, and having watched a program on Christian fundamentalism in America, I'm not comfortable with that either.
    Not fit for purpose, comes to mind as far as this officer is concerned.
  14. "If she has to resuscitate that dying person, Muslim law will then change and allow her all sorts of physical contact because a life is at risk and life is so precious.

    "Muslim law will say, 'forget everything, save this life'."

    Sounds like the Pirates code. It's not the law. Just a set of guidelines really. (AAAAAAAARGGGGGGHHHHHHHH)

    Personally, Religion is the root of all evil. Science is the way ahead.
  15. I spent 12 years in KSA, and met both Sunni & Shia Muslims, and have shaken hands with both husbands and wives as a matter of courtesy.
    There must be Muslims in other national police forces, I wonder if they have this problem ?
    It does make you wonder how she progressed through training without touching a male hand (handcuff/cable tie practise) etc. :???:
    Perhaps they ought to give her a deskjob, perhaps in the evidence store ! I rather think this could be as Slim suspects - an eventual possible compo claim for career not advancing quickly enough, or for having to man(?)handle perps !!!!!
  16. Folks, the way the Mail puts it, she anticipated the handshake in advance of the visit and made it clear that she would not be able to do it before Sir Ian arrived on the scene. In addition she also refused to be photographed with him on the basis that the photo could be used for PR purposes. He was informed on arrival and although he didn't like singling her out to "not" shake her hand he agreed and understood her request.

    IMO she was obviously trying to abide by the requirements of her faith whilst playing it down, prevent embarrassment to Sir Ian and avoid being used as part of the whole Police / Government PR machine. She gets a large thumbs up from me for being open and up front about it.

    As to her ability to catch villains? She has to "manhandle" male and female personnel as part of her training. Whilst her faith does not permit her to kiss or shake the hands of men in greeting them, the last time I checked it wasn't mandatory for the Police Service to kiss and shake the hands of those they are trying to arrest (although time may yet change this) so there should be no problem with her doing her job.

    This one needs to be taken in perspective.

  17. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Thank you SILVERFOX. I'd also warn against this thread becoming a rant against Muslims in general (the usual suspects know who they are). Stick to the matter in hand (groan!).

    The police may be daft but they aren't going to employ someone who can't nick suspects / criminals (I hope.)
  18. Sorry to disagree with you seadog, at present the police are being actively encouraged to recruit officers from the ethnic minorities. Sometimes exclude heterosexual white males. As there is a shortage of minorities applying to join I think that the police are clutching at straws and allowing some unsuitable applicants to join.
    I would like to know if this young women refused to shake hands with male officers at her interviews and ongoing assessments during her training. Or is this a similar case to the veil wearing teaching assistant?
  19. With SF. News is a bit sparse, so hype up a non-event to irritate the readership. If this girl has passed her course and is working as a policewoman, she has done all she needs to do. Any stand she takes on the grounds of her religion, whether she is a Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, Christian or any other, is between her and her managers.

    It's nice to know that she is prepared to stand on principle, which bodes well for her upholding the rights of others.

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