Muslim juror accused of wearing MP3 player under her hijab e

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by ET(MESM)whogivesafeck, Aug 17, 2007.

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  1. what would have happend if it was a juror of another faith
  2. Have to give us the reference (preferably the link), shagger...
  3. They wouldn't be wearing a hijab lol
  4. fair one but listening to music during a murder trail
  5. They couldnt prove it as they couldnt see underneath the garment and for the wearer to remove it in the presence of infidel westerners would of incurred the wrath of Allah.
  6. hearing it's not enough then
  7. Re: Muslim juror accused of wearing MP3 player under her hij

    Think I posted this a while back but nice to see what the outcome was.

    But yesterday the Attorney General's office ruled that there was "insufficient" evidence to prove any alleged contempt of court.

    Mind I could have told you the outcome a while back. We must keep our visitors happy.
  8. That is a myth created by various radical Islamicists and promoted by the Red Tops in their quest for sensationalism at the expense of truth. The purpose of the veil, etc is for modesty. Muslims are required (according to Mohammed) to fit in with any non-Muslim society they choose to live in and respect their laws, etc. Whilst British Muslims are in the main trying to do this, an unrepresentative minority of Islamacists (as distinct from ordinary Muslims) are seeking to impose their (Salafist) concept of the Islamic lifestyle choice upon the host community - which is actually forbidden. Like conservative Evangelical Christians in the US and Britain, they are misinterpreting and deliberately mistranslating, in their case Qu'ranic Arabic texts, to suit their own narrow, fundimentalist agenda.

    The juror in this case appears to be an Islamicist. Muslim jurors should have their heads uncovered. Those who refuse to comply in their non-Muslim host country are violating Koranic teaching and should be dealt with accordingly by their co-religionists! What is needed here is to have a Council of Jurisprudents, all born and trained as Imams here, to establish Fiqh* as it applies in this host country.

    *Theological, Muslim jurisprudence

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