Muslim fury as 'Jihad The Musical' comes to the UK

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Aug 3, 2007.

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  1. If they dont like it then they can fuck off back to the Islamic world!
  2. Miss the days of Monty Pythons un PC type comedy, this musical is right up there with one of their's, hope it sells out... :thumright:
  3. Well the critics weren't that keen on it either, so should they fuck off as well?

    It's pretty mediocre by all accounts.
  4. Slim, when you're spamming the fora with these links can you provide a synopsis of the article you're linking to, so that you're not forcing people to open a secondary window if they don't want to.


  5. critics?Opinionated self publisising nobbers!
  6. Watch the death threats come in from the followers of the 'peaceful' religion.
  7. If it upsets em, it's o.k. in my book. :thumright:
  8. Is it me or does anyone else think the title "Jihad the musical" sounds just a little bit too close to a perfect concept for Team America Two?

  9. I reckon it should go down a bomb!
  10. Hope they get free pork scratchings to watch the musical with!
  11. Watch out for the bearded Middle Eastern guy muttering "Allah Ackba." with bulging overcoat on First Night.
    Edited to fix drunken spelling :rendeer:
  12. I've had breaded mushrooms, but never a breaded Middle Eastern
  13. Well that guy involved with the Glasgow airport incident is certainly Brown Bread now
  14. His sister eventually saves him, along with the French who sing "We turned and ran".

    Sacre Bleu Mon Ami!!!

    Will the BBC be making a series out of this?? For those in Bradhistan who cannot travel so far.
  15. It must be really stressful being a Muslim, living in a state of permanent fury.

    Or might the press be exaggerating slightly, and there's really only a few furious ones?
  16. Before we go all Islamobashing-centric, remember the Christian furore over Jerry Springer: The Musical which featured Jesus Christ appearing on the show.

    The concept of hyper-reaction by a religion to a pop-culture item isn't uniquely Islamic.

    Still, if they can't take a joke...
  17. Well, he's certainly bloody toast!

    Chalky, good point; well developed.
  18. And equally the uproar over Life of Brian and several other such 'artistic' products. The followers of Mohamed are certainly not the only ones to take unkindly views of those whom they judge to have blasphemed.
  19. Like the ones made by sectors of the 'religious free speech loving' British Christian community regarding the staging of that "Opera" about God that depicted a coprophilic Jesus in a nappy?

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