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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by england_expects, Dec 4, 2007.

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  1. I'm a post Grade 8 Cellist - is there a RN orchestra I can join or a string ensemble or anything? or would it be better to leave my cello avec mes parents?
    What do other string players do?
  2. Become a bandy instead
  3. lol i suppose i could fix a wheel to the bottom of my cell and march like that but then again maybe not. Im grade 6 oboe too but i was under the impression that they arent in marching bands either (well there werent any in the RHS one)
    umm its not like my music is the centre off my life otherwise I'd be going to music college not joining up but if i added up all the time and money iv spent learning..... actually i dont want to (its quite a lot of both)
  4. Have you ever tried marching holding a cello at the slope, let alone trying to coax a tune out of it?
  5. Some of the bases do have their own bands you can join. I know for example Culdrose has it's own band.
  6. Nope but I've held other things at a slope and my misses gets a tune out of it lol
  7. i was aware of the BAND thing but there are no CELLOs in a BAND so im asking if there is anything orchestral....?
  8. A virtuoso of the one-eyed-piccolo is she?
  9. Well I'm sorry i was of no use. Go speak to them is my advice then they might tell where ya can pluck ya strings if they don't
  10. Grade 8 guitar player here (also play drums, bass, keyboard all graded too), but I have came to accept that music and guitar especially can't be as big a part of my life anymore (what with all the practicing/money/time spent on it). The fact is joining the Navy is MORE important to me!

    But I'm more than positive not everyone in the RN is tone deaf! And I reckon there will be plenty oppertunities to play in your time off and with other like-minded matelots.

    Now just to find people who are also into forming a jazz/death metal melodic band when I get posted somewhere!
  11. well i play bass too so....jazz anyone? :p

  12. Who knows, maybe we can jam some day in the not so distant future :thumright:
  13. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator


    Ah, my favourite subject! The Royal Marines Band. :thumright:

    How do you fancy being paid to play music for a living together with the ability to reach BA Music (Hons) Degree whilst in full time employment? This is regardless of your level of academic attainment, but based on your RM musical training. No student loans, no tuition fees, just pay, travel & a fantastic job!

    Right, first off if you need to be around Grade 5 standard with regard ability on a marching instrument- Oboe perhaps?!

    Musicians are usually trained on a marching instrument & a sit-down orchestral instrument - Cello, perhaps?

    All RM musicians are trained to grade 8 on two instruments, by the UK's top professors of music in those particular instruments within 2 years 8 months- you appear to already be on the way.

    Contrary to popular belief, most of your time is spent doing sit-down musical performances, a much lesser part is spent doing the "walking to music" bit, however the RM Band are probably the world's best at the marching bit, in my opinion.

    You really should talk to your local AFCO soonest- see if thy can arrange a Royal Marines Band Acquaint visit for you- it's free & you have nothing to lose by at least having a look at them- you don't have to join, just enquire.

    The RM Band, undertake 15 weeks military training & are trained to undertake a "para-medic" role in combat, but also undertake group force protection as required in areas of combat. (Yep, male & female).

    Types of music, incidentally is not just military or classical, they do Big Band, Rock, Jazz, contemporary, you name it.

    Feel free to PM if you need further detail & good luck
  14. Boldy bit: so that would account for them weilding weapons in the Cyprus video? Not sure whether to be afraid or not... Safer than a matelot with a rifle?
  15. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    "RM Band, undertake 15 weeks military training & are trained to undertake a "para-medic" role in combat, but also undertake group force protection as required in areas of combat. (Yep, male & female)."....quote Ninja

    Not at CTCRM, fcuked if I can ever remember any bandies there going through training. I must admit I have mixed feelings about girlie bandies, but, I do believe my animal lust to shag (legally) someone in blues is winning the argument.
  16. I have a friend who is an officer in RM Band and can have a chat with you if you want about the realities - or take up Ninja's offer - he is the expert.

    Having worked alongside the RM band in their "non-musical" role I can tell you they were a great bunch of guys and girls and when not working would happily put on a band night or full blown concert for the staff on board. There are also many who have there own bands/ string quartets/ jazz/ blues bands so a whole variety of musical types.

    Pm if you want me to caontact my friend.
  17. So my first suggestion of become a bandy isn't bad advice after all.

  18. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Yep, Bandies undertook force protection duties in the last Gulf War during the "combat phase". They undertake more military training than your average matelot in fact.
  19. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    "Cheers, Easy!" :thumbright: :wink:
  20. Perhaps the RN need a Pusser's String Quartet to play cheerful music as our Navy faces savage cuts! It won't lessen the pain, but it will give the appearance of being jolly.

    england-Expects.... can you play the cello part of Nicola LeFanu's Solloquy or Rawsthorne's Cello Concerto? ...then there's always Elgar...

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