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Lantern Swinger
I was just wandering if anyone is learning to play a musical instrument. Seeing as I have a lot of time on my hands, I bought a Banjo. I came across a website called They give on line video lessons absolutely free. Must admit, my ability is crap at the moment, but it can only improve.
Earl Scruggs watch out geoff(ers) is about!!!
geoff(ers) :?
Hi Geoff

My Missus bought me a 5 string Banjo 2 years ago- Ive playedBlues/Jazz/Guitar for 37 years but thought I would try the G Banjo-- after a year and much frustration finally got a grip and Im now learning a few bluegrass pieces

But contrary to popular belief the Banjo aint easy.. however if you can read tab Ive found this site good

You can download tabs of various stuff--

It needs a bit of work to get right but stick at it and you will find it a good instrument to learn.
Hey Geof just seen you are only a few miles from me- if you have time we meet up in the Pitcairngreen Inn on Tuesday nights after 1930 for a trad night, and wednesdays after 2030 is accoustic night anyone can come along, you dont have to play .- Im bringing me Banjo next wednesday

Pitcairngreen is about 5 miles from Perth off the A84 Perth to Crieff Rd..


Lantern Swinger
Isn't one definition of a gentleman "someone who can play the accordion*, but doesn't" :wink:

*For accordion, read any other instrument you don't like.
I remember I used to learn to play the guitar when I was at school, fantastic way to escape from the dull monotony of the classroom, at least for quarter of an hour, although this was often expanded to half an hour if the next chap failed to attend!

Wish I had kept it up, really. I can only torment and torture the strings now.

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