Discussion in 'Social & Reunions' started by ET(WE)Sutton, Jan 8, 2007.

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  1. Am Quite Curious To Know What Sailors Music Tastes Are Like From Back In The Day Of The 70s All The Way Up To Know.

    Personally I Love House Having Been A House Deejay I Love It... Anything From Latin & Twisted House To The Down Right Dirty, Tribal And Minmal House...

    What About Yourself?
  2. "This old hat of mine" comes to mind.
  3. Dying with my boots on. ... You've Got Foetus On Your Breath
  4. happy hour by the housemartins. genius!
  5. What of the 60s - some say the music started from then....

    My other half keeps badgering me to get rid of LPs/45s, but I resist claiming its memories :D
  6. you should never get rid of your vinyls.. (i did though) only mine was a small collection as i use cds.. because i travel alot more obviously in the navy.

    my brothers lp collection is onto like 3000 all house and bout 1000 others.
  7. I like most music from the seventies onwards.
    Was lucky enough to be brought up on the likes of Santana, Camel, Steve Hillage etc etc with some Cars, Marillion, Iron Maiden and Venom thrown in as I got older.
    Nowadays its more like SOAD for me, but I still like classical as well ;)
    (Bit confused really, aren't I :D)
  8. Having spent 2 years out of the sixties in U.K. can`t possibly comment.
  9. I agree with Pooley - keep your vinyl Whitemouse. I've got recordings of the same concert on both vinyl and CD and have played them through my CD system (Cyrus CDXt transport and seperate Cyrus DAC) and can tell you that they still sound better on vinyl even playing them on my old Rega P3, RB300 tonearm and my old £130 MM cartridge! (Which is saying something!). They sound even better on a Michell turntable though. And may sound better still when I upgrade to a VPi next year.

    Just compare Kate Bush's (original) 45 Wuthering Hights with the CD version - there's no competition - vinyl wins hands down.
  10. i think cd sounds better tbh
  11. Ah, but the point is Steve - will your cds last as long as my vinyls ?

    Recent research alleges that cds suffer from degeneration - come to think of it a bit like some of us old salts really..... 8O

  12. I'm agreeing with you Whitemouse... keep the vinyls... I'm buying NEW vinyl again where I can (eg NAIM have their own label and make recordings available in both CD and Vinyl formats). I've still got a 78 (shellac) of part of King George VI's Coronation in good condition (one of my former work colleagues sang in Westminster Choir at that Coronation). Nothing beats the atmosphere of vinyl!

    Steve. :D
  13. BeBopDelux,MinkDeVille,Asia,Boston,Whitesnake,PinkFloyd,AC/DC,Saxon, Iron Maiden,Status Quo,Bob Dylan,Thin Lizzy. I think thats enough to be going on with!
  14. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Stones, Beatles, Pacemakers, Sandy Shaw, Manfred Mann, Animals, Quo, Pink Floyd, Elvis, Johnny Cash, etc
  15. Squeeze, Glen Tillbrook, Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel
  16. Shit, why did i waste my time abroad.
  17. Sunday nights in Gunboat Yard huts (HMS Hornet) in the 50's, illicitly listening to the top 20 on Radio Luxembourg over the SRE (if the Duty PO hadn't turned it off). Ahhh! Bring back Doris Day!!!

  18. The glamour, the excitement of being in foreign parts (countries as well as ladies !! :wink: ) convivial atmosphere partaking of local brews (and local ladies), the occasional get together, coupled with strong disagreements, with the members of another country's navy - usually the elmers.
    And not forgetting the odd penny per day (taxed) of extra pay for being there....the list is endless

    If you had your time again, what would you do ?


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