"Music" by John Miles

Discussion in 'Films, Music, TV & All Things Artsy' started by seafarer1939, Oct 3, 2010.

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  1. Back in the day, in Blackpool during the interval between artists [and bingo!] I used to get scraps of paper to play requests,birthdays etc
    Usual crap,Misty,Memory,Casablanca theme etc,except for one old tosser who asked me to play the Birdy song!he was told to Feck Off.
    Reason I mention it was,if no requests, I played my own favourites like Mc Arthurs Park[I know a lot hate it but it's got a good bridge instrumental to play and it stretches the fingers![no comments RumRat!] Shaft[same!] and a couple of others.
    Then there was “Music†by John Miles I really liked playing and singing that song.
    Digging through my piles of music yesterday I came across it again, played it for the first time in 10 years and; What a bloody good song it is!
    Why he faded I have no idea but it was a one hit wonder that will stand the test.
    You never hear it much on the radio but apart from my real favourite;
    “Theme of the Common Man Fanfare Medley†by Emerson,Lake and Palmer[now Emerson can really play that Hammond, I love this performance if only I could play like him!where is he now!]
    “ Music†was next on my list.
    Don't hear of many good instrumentals now,it's all Rap Crap and that ain't music!
    Just reminiscing waiting for the pub to open.
    Got to admit it is a helluva song though.
  2. Keeping away from "finger stretching", just lately I have been getting into classical music. Must be an age thing.
    My present favorite which I confess is a long standing favorite is Danse Macabre. I first took notice when I heard a snatch of it in the film Tombstone, and have been playing it regularly since.

  3. Thank you for reminding me of that, Rumrat, I love that piece.

    This is the music which was used for the opening titles and credits for the TV Detective series Jonathan Creek with Alan Davies.
  4. i dont think she would be up for any bedroom action nowadays
  5. thanks for that Rumrat,I know the piece but I've never played it.I'll get on to it I reckon.
    As you get older playing the piano is the only pleasurable thing left to do with your fingers! That a good piece of classical music.
  6. thanks for the Link Soliel,my Broadband was down so I only watched it today.
    It's good but I have the original recording and I think somewhere the magic is lost a bit.
    I've just played the record and it's not the same as the link,not much in it but I can hear the diff.,I guess it never is when you get older.Thanks again

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