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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Connie_Bonnie, Jun 29, 2010.

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  1. :?: Does anyone know why the Imperial Museum, National Army Museum and RAF Musem are all covered by the Freedom of Information Act, but the National Museum of the Royal Navy isn't? FOI list of organisations covered.

    I fancy doing some research into my dececed Grandad's war history and won't be able to afford if it is not in FOI. My other Grandad was in the Amry and his regiment has a museum but they charge.
  2. You may well be able to obtain their service records direct from the RN and the Army - see here:

    Print off and send a copy of the Next Of Kin form plus the RN Form # 2 to the Disclosure Cell at Whale Island.

    Print off and send a copy of the Next Of Kin form plus the Army form # 2 to Kentigern House, Glasgow.
  3. I suspect golden_rivet would know the reasons for the differences but, unfortunately, she seems to have deserted us for REMFT; or whatever it's called.
  4. The list you are consulting is out of date and was part of the website of the Department for Constitutional Affairs, which was replaced by the Department of Justice three years ago.

    As it is, the "National Museum of the Royal Navy" is not a museum per se but rather an umbrella organisation which co-ordinates the work of the five elements which are actual museums:

    Royal Marines Museum
    Fleet Air Arm Museum
    Submarine Museum
    HMS Victory
    Royal Naval Museum

    The Royal Naval Museum itself is subject to the Freedom of Information Act 2000, as you can see here:
  5. Several misunderstandings here. In the first place, the RN Museum is covered by the FOIA and explains its obligations here:

    Publication Schedule
    In the second place, the FOIA does not prevent public organisations from making a charge commensurate with the resources expended on fulfilling a request:

    Freedom of Information Act 2000

    In the third place, the RN Museum is unlikely to hold any service records for your RN grandfather. They are held as follows:

    Obtaining Royal Navy Service Records & Medals
    I see that Soleil has explained this far more concisely in the meantime. :)
  6. I'ts not his service records I am looking for, but the records of his ships and what they did while he was serving on them. Also a couple of his shore/training establishments.

    I accept I might be wrong, but as I read it, the plan is that the RN, Fleet Air Arm and RM Museums intend to join the National Museum of the RN this year. Well that's what they seemed ot be suggesting on local radio here in Pompey.

    At the moment, you can ask the RN Museum for information under the FReedon of Info rules. But the new Museum isn't included on any of the lists pubished of organisation that are covered by the act.

    I reckon the idea is to reduce the amount of requests for information they currently have to give for free. If the National Museum of the RN isn't covered, they'd have no requirement to respond at all for free or even respond at all
  7. CB

    If you would like to tell us about his ships and shore establishments, we may be able to fill in the gaps for you. You would be amazed by the depth/breadth of knowledge on Rum Ration.
  8. I'll do it for you.

    "Thanks soleil and Naval_Gazer for your advice/help"

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