Museum worth a look - Combined Military services Mueum - Maldon , Essex

Discussion in 'History' started by nobby0919, Nov 27, 2012.

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  1. nobby0919

    nobby0919 Badgeman

    Combined Military services Mueum - Maldon , Essex

    The Combined Military Services Museum in Maldon

    Not very well publicised, , English Civil war to Cold War. RN - Army - RAF - special forces etc
    The MOD ( Donnington) collection of guns - some hundreds is well worth it for the shooters , amongst you
    plus a huge amount of covert ops stuff used by some chap called Peter Mason
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  2. sardeeps

    sardeeps New member

    Thanks Nobby, Didn't know the museum existed and particularly as one entitled to wear the Combined Ops badge too! I'm at Leatherhead over Christmas and New Year, so might drive over to Maldon and have a look.

    'Cunningham of Hyndhope' the famous 'ABC' who won back the Med for us in WW2. He took the salute at the Queen's Birhday Parade on Southsea Common, June 1958, when I accidentaly stuck my bayonet into the bloke to my left during the "Fix Bayonets" part of the drill. I notice that 'Fixing' was dropped from the agenda quite soon afterwards: Not worth the time and effort to train up to do it; much easier to march on with 'Bayonets Fixed' or too dangerous? "I was that soldier (sailor)" Not to mention the bloke next to me! Apparently I caught the back of his right hand and I think he made a full recovery: Thank Christ.

    It wasn't connected, but I was on draft from 'St Vincent' to 'Ganges' within days!
  3. sardeeps

    sardeeps New member

    PS: Wot's your Avatar Nobby? I did go to 'Specasavers' and despite spending £278, my eyesight has definite limitations nowadays. Still can't work it out even with the 'bins' on!
  4. WreckerL

    WreckerL War Hero

    Did "fix bayonets" as part of a street lining guard in '74 although, that was with the SLR not muzzle loading musket, Sardeeps, so it was still going then.
  5. nobby0919

    nobby0919 Badgeman

    Its a 'Karslake' side stand,as fitted to Brough Superior motorcycles
  6. sardeeps

    sardeeps New member

    Aaaah! As in the late 'Aircraftman Shaw'?
  7. nobby0919

    nobby0919 Badgeman

    thats the one

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