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January this year I had like the smallest biceps going.
But going to the gym alot they have grown quite alot since then.

But the past week my biceps have started to feel extremly weak and hurt, its not major pain as though ive pulled a muscle. I can understand the pain, could I have overtrained? I dont exactly lift that much weight. At work I do get told Im lifting too much weight.

Can muscles only grow a certain amount in a certain time?? Maby I have pushed it too much I realy cant understand it. Bearing in mind I literaly did no PT untill this January.

[P.s sorry for another rant guys]
Overtraining or training without sufficient warmup/cooldown can cause something known as DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). The pain can last anything from a few hours to over a week and can sometimes be very painfull and sometimes just make you feel slightly achey and weak.

The best thing to do is take it easy with your excersise routine for the time being and stick to low impact aerobic excersise if you insist on staying active so cycling and swimming is ok but heavy lifting or forms of anaerobic excersise are to be avoided or you may risk damage.

In future be carefull to warm up properly and cooldown after excersise to reduce the risk of DOMS however even the worlds top athletes occassionally suffer from it and it is most certainly not uncommon. In my experience it is most common in people who are not used to excersise so if you recently started an excersise routine consider making it a little easier.

Remember to eat well and watch your diet and drink plenty of water and everything should become much easier over time. If your trying to work on overall physical fitness I would strongly advise focusing primarily on cardio rather than developing muscle mass. Muscle strength can be improved with some circuit training on a fairly regular basis so try not to go overboard with the weights you will do more harm than good if you do!

Im not an expert and im most certainly not a doctor so correct me if anything I said is incorrect but that would be my guess based on what you have explained.

Hope this has helped fella!
In addition to BiGjD's comments, get advice on training from your local Gym. Working major muscle groups ie. squats, benching, pull-ups (overarm) will generally help more in conjunction with cv (running,cycling) for best overall fitness and also give you a platform to work off. Don't forget rest days, good nutrition and hydration. If you just want to get big, then advice on a good training programme is the best start on when to go heavy, amount of sets and reps etc.
in a nutshell, speak to an experienced gym queen - thats what they are there for anyway (apart from always strangely being found near a mirror)
Dont worry about it Big Man (hehe!). If you don't hurt after training then you have clearly been mincing about. If the pain is starting to get you down then take 3 days off to rest. Everyones got their own training regime and nobody is right or wrong. Remember to train hard and sweat alot, Make sure your form is correct with the exercises, eat and sleep well and have rest days when your body is screaming in agony. You will not go far wrong. Remain active and enjoy it, your life will change forever. I hope this works for you young man (haha) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
haha sorry about that then!

And if you forget to warmup than im even more certain that you have DOMS.

It's not nice to be honest and can be extremely frustrating I know it drives me insane when I am really enjoying an excersise routine and generally getting into it and then it happens to me! Just DO NOT train on it and take it easy! As you get fitter you will find it becomes less frequent anyway and when it does happen it will not last as long or hurt as much :)

But it does sound like your pushing yourself which is great just find a limit. Excersise can be strenous but should never be uncomfortable or painfull if you find yourself in pain stop immediately before you risk further damage.

But by all means push yourself to a certain degree I know I push myself quite hard these days but after finishing an intense workout the feeling is incredible :)


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Im all fine now. The muscles are back to normal. Not going to start anything again untill Sunday now though.
I can be lazy for a few more days! :D

And lukeP Im not a fella!! :(
Train don't strain is the wording forget about go for the burn which originated over the pond.

If I had my time all over again I would go in for the martial arts and not for body mass strength as in weight training/body building etc. A good warm up in a good martial arts class is a workout on it's own. My mate is still bench pressing four hundred pounds ask him to go for a run though forget it!!

The power and strength on a top martial arts guy beats all the gym work I can tell thee.


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I think Ive strained my arm
It still isnt any better....

Im right hannded and my left arm now feels stronger
It feels compelty useles, when Im at work... lifting heavy stuff
But doing press ups etc it doesnt...
Help I dont know what to do :|
This is the best thing to do with mussels.

1kg/2¼lb mussels, cleaned
1 onion or 2 shallots, peeled and finely chopped
2 tbsp parsley, chopped
180ml/6fl oz dry white wine
salt and pepper

1. Put the finely chopped onion or shallots in a large pan with the wine and the parsley. Season well.
2. Bring to the boil and simmer for 5 minutes.
3. Add the mussels, put the lid on and cook for another 5 minutes or so until the mussels have opened. Shake the pan from time to time.
4. If any of the mussels do not open on cooking, do not try to eat them. Serve with crusty bread.

When I used to go to the gym, I found that in addition to the warm-up exercises, etc, having a shower followed by 15 minutes in the sauna followed by a 10 minute cold shower (to cool off) always worked a treat. On the rare occasions I forgot the sauna, I felt like I had just been a guest of the Tower of London's torture chamber!
Biceps are a very small muscle group and should not be over trained.
The obsession of having "big guns" can lead to tendinitis, and possible rupture. No more than 3 exercises 4 x 10 reps once a week , less if you are doing lots of "back" (exercises), cause you will use your biceps a lot in a pulling motion. Quality not quantity, and rest and proper nutrition for recovery.
hi, just wondering if any one can help
Last summer/autumn i started training for the RM. Built up to just over 10k, good pace with boots. November i got a Calf injury (middle of the calf where the two muscles join. i was always streching properly and hydrating/dieting correctly. Couple of months past and i started running on it again as it felt better, but half way through my run i felt it pulling again. the pain has been there since then to this day, still no better, with keeping it relaxed, light stretches and 5 times to a physio. i havnt been running, but i was able to keep up my upper body circuits. now its got to a point where it has been 6 months without inprovement, and iv stopped trainin completely, as it has got me into a bad depression and i can feel it all the time.
Any advice on what to do next would be much much appreciated!! thanks for reading...


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onTrainers. What trainers are you running in and are they right for you. Runners World give quite a good overview of what type of runner you are and suitable trainers.
If you can visit a proper runners sports shop, who use a machine to assess you gaite . Trainers will be pricey from a store like this but is a one off expense when they need replacing then use the net to get the same trainer at a lower price.
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