Muscle size vs endurance

Hi, im currently in training doin lots of runs and weight training. I know its not really recommended to gain much mass before the poc/prmc but im fairly skinny so i thought a bit of weight training would come in handy. I am just wondering if using a lower weight and doin the max amount of reps possible is more beneficial then say 4 sets of incresing weight?
Regards HCR


Lantern Swinger
From what I know doing lots of light weights will tone you up, and fewer but heavier weights will increase your muscle size more.
It's also about what you eat though. Make sure you have a high protein diet eg. Eggs, steak, fish etc.
Or if you don't like any of that then buy some protein shakes, you can get these from the gym or order them from the internet..
The reason for this is because when you are doing weights this just tears your muscle's, the protein is needed to repair the muscles and when they are repaired they swell up and grow bigger.
Good luck!

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