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Hi guys/ girls. Completely new here and after any advice you can offer on my current situation. I'll try and briefly explain where I'm at.

I started weight lifting for size about 18 months ago now. I was a completely new to it and at the time the advice and help I got at the gym was limited. So I went in and lifted anything/ everything I could do 3-4 days a week. However after a short while of bad form/ ego lifting and skipping leg day a few to many times I've got pain in my lower back. Went to my gp and he told me I have Swollen the muscles in my lower back advised me to take ibuprofen or he could prescribe me medication to help with the swelling and aid in relief of the pain. I did neither.
Gritted my teeth and stated going gym 5 days a week for the last year or so and coped with the pain. However I went to see a physiotherapist at the hospital a few months ago and she has gave me workouts/ yoga and stretches to do. Since seeing her two months ago I have not been lifting weights at all. The pain is a lot better but sometimes I get dull aches at night/ when sitting around or when I have to lift heavy objects at work. It has never stopped me doing anything and I did fine threw the slight pain during workouts( 200lb bench press 12x5, 120lb db shoulder press 12x5, press ups 40x3) to give some idea and not trying to sound like a complete bellend:p

I haven't yet applied to try and gain entry into the Royal Navy (ETME) As I am waiting for my my back to be fully recovered and am confident it soon will be. However I am quite anxious as to if or not I'll just be told I do not have a chance at passing the medical. I am confident I'll be able to get a good write up from my GP and Physiotherapist that I've read could help in my favour. But any more advice/ guidance that any one could share with me would be greatly appreciated!! Sorry for the long-ish post:) Thanks in advance


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Again, only a qualified service medical professional expert can give definitive advice once they are in possession of the full medical history.

Suffice to say, regardless of how muscularly mahoosive the individual, in order to manage realistic expectations, it is worth being aware repeated, recurrent or prolonged (chronic) back pain can be an outright bar to entry, unfortunately.

In short, don't let it put you off applying, but be aware you need to be completely free of injuries, medication, etc., for a considerable period before applying in order to be considered fit to undergo the rigours of training and beyond.

Good luck.


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Next time you are given good advice e.g stop doing that you are doing your self harm, and take some anti inflam medication, take the advice. the GP is a qualified Dr, the advice you received from the gym was from the I think I know what I am doing brigade.
If you get the chance to join then ignore you instructors, because you know best you will be on the next bus home.

Life throws you curved balls, so when you screw up learn from it.
Thank you for the information. Also sumo I have learnt from my mistakes! Fingers crossed once I get it sorted it won't hold me back but only time will tell! Not sure how to tag any of you so hopefully you see this and again thanks for your advice:)

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