Murray makes a right arse of himself.

Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by NotmeChief, Jul 3, 2008.

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  1. I'm surprised no one has mentioned this scruffy chav being dicked by Nadal.
    Or are you all still laughing?
  2. Wimbledon.

    The worst fortnight in the British sporting calendar.

    I can barely contain my indifference.
  3. Still, ROTFPML
  4. The boy did well. Monday evening I was thinking about packing up the kit and heading to the hotel for a couple of falling down juices then the fight back started! Ruined my evening he did! Knew he would set the grass alight against Nadal but held his own now and again so think he may win it one day, On that note better go as its another busy day in SW19 for me.
  5. Couldn't have been more happier when he was completely outplayed and beaten by Nadal.
    But then I do support to types of sportspersons, any English sportspersons and anybody playing the Scottish.
  6. He may look like a scruffy chav, but -

    1. He plays tennis better than anyone on here.
    2. He plays tennis better than everyone else in the world apart from 11 other blokes.
    3. He got beaten by someone better than him.
    4. His girfriend is better looking that yours, or your missus.




    Bollox to everyone who can only criticise.
  7. Lucky Andy wasn't born in England then or most of you would be picking on your own kind, but lets be honest he's Scottish so some of you guys can't handle that, which begs the question "Why did you join the Royal Navy" after all it is the British navy not the English navy.
  8. It was all that was available.

    Joking aside though, I agree with Cap'n P, the lad did well and good luck to him.
  9. Henman beat Federer back when Federer was just starting out, now Federer is the best player in the world. The British public can be so bloody fickle at times. He was never going to beat Nadal, who is on form to take the tournament this year.

    We should congratulate him for getting into the Quarters, we just pile so much pressure on our young sportsmen and they can never get anywhere near our expectations. He put a decent fight though.

    Do you think the french were all critical of Gasquet after he was beaten by Murray? Why must we always pile criticism on the losers? Just leave them alone, they know what they did wrong and hopefully they can return the following year and do better.

    If I was murray I'd be telling everyone to f**k off.
  10. Monday after his epic battle Sky went on about the "British Andy Murray" but when he got humped it was "Scotsman Andy Murray"!!
  11. Because, of course, the whole of Scotland gets behind England every time they're in a quarter-final don't they? :thumright:

    And Oberon, that little British winner/Scottish loser gem has been spouted by those with a chip on their shoulder for the last couple of years. It seems that the fact that close analysis of the press has proven it to be complete bollox makes no difference. Do you like being offended or something?
  12. Andy was Britains last representaive in the tournament, let me repeat that BRITAIN this isnt a Scotland v England thing it's a suporting Britain thing do you have a problem with that? Some people on this thread do seem to have a problem with the fact Andy is Scottish by birth.
  13. I for one do not have any problem with the fact that Andy Murray is Scottish by birth. I don't support him and will always support his opponent because he is Scottish by birth. If that upsets people that is their problem and not mine, It is my choice has to who and why I support sportsmen/women. Yes the English players all fell by the wayside early and we have not had an English winner at Tennis for quite some time, but thats a fact of life not every country can produce world class winners all the time. This is usually for various reasons, however the two main ones obviously being raw talent and investment. something which English tennis is sadly lacking at this point in time.
  14. My bold

    So if Andy Murray was representing Britain in the Davis cup would you support whoever Britain was playing?
  15. tsk tsk, grammar laddie, to ? second person indicative, conjugate - boy
    more beer i think. :rambo:
  16. Oh get over it! We don't really mind the Scots just so long as they keep their gobs shut and stop pestering their masters (that's we, the English).
  17. Is that why the present PM is a Scot and so was the last one? Think we know who rules who ;-)
  18. He got to the quarter finals, he is 21 years old, those companies that sponser him to the tune of two million a year are all idiots are they? Why is it that in this country we always have a down on anyone who fails at a certain hurdle?

    Looking forward to the Olympics are we?

    And apart from that, can anyone on here play tennis any better?

    If so get off your arse and prove it.

    Fukcing couch potatoes passing opinions that really don`t count for fcuk all.
  19. Get over what? My point is not about Scotland, England, Wales or Ireland it's about supporting British players.

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