Murray Dips Out Again

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by trelawney126, Jun 6, 2012.

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  1. BBC Sport - Andy Murray knocked out of French Open by David Ferrer
    Rather refreshing to see Murray crash out, yet again. He would of had my support until he stated that he'd cheer on any team as long as was against England. Still with Finks support I'm sure he'll relish in the company of Salmon and that poisonous dwarf ms Sturgeon Other notable losers Robert Bruce and Logie Baird :toothy8:
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  2. Not forgetting William Wallace. I believe he was cut up about losing.
  3. William Wallace? The man had no guts.
  4. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I haven't got over the fantastic Jocks beating the Ozzies 9-6 yet. Who's this Murrey chap?
  5. Well, Federa has the equivalent of a by in the final against the no hoper Scots git.
    he will according to his past record be apologising to the Scots about his "injury" / "illness" for his lack of performance at the end f the match.
    Would put the beer back in the fridge Finks, like all your ilk, does the talk, but can't do the walk :salut:
  6. I've just stuck 60 quid on Federer (all I had left in UK a/c) at a measly 1-2. Just to give me something else to celebrate when that sweaty gets thrashed. 'Orrible sweaty twat; the jocks will be unbearable if he wins.

  7. Ageing_Gracefully

    Ageing_Gracefully War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Won't we just!!! :dance:
  8. If he wins does he get given a personality ?
  9. Rab-rab-c-nesbitt-18219527-373-500.jpg ...................:brave:
  10. Interesting to note that the media are calling him a British tennis player, had be been English of course the media would have highlighted that fact, such is the subliminal arrogance of the English.
  11. You're making stuff up again, here's a couple of excerpts regarding Henman when he was around:

    "The British number one had already saved one break point and the players were locked at deuce when the rain returned. The British number one is now the only chance for home glory in the Queen's Golden Jubilee year after Greg Rusedski crashed out yesterday."


    Tim Henman was today revelling in one of the most unexpected and glorious stories in British sport after booking his place last night in the semi-finals of the French Open.French Open after cruising into the semi-finals. The British number one will face the favourite, Guillermo Coria, in the last four and either David Nalbandian or Gaston Gaudio in the final.

    It is the British LTA, all players are referred to as British.

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  12. Your starting to sound like salmond finks, get a grip
  13. At least the Jocks have got someone in the final as opposed to someone from Wales, Norn Ireland and England making the grade.
    And Finks, I do think that the media would still call a representative from one of the other Home countries British as opposed to their native country. Unless of course they are making a political statement .. esp. when broadcast on the BBC.
  14. Squire, I am delighted to say that I can't do the walk and I have never had the urge to attempt it.

    Does it go something like this?

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  15. Best you can come up with after being caught making shit up again?
  16. Yes, that's the best I can come up with but it was still good enough to get you swirling up from the depths to take the bait; again.
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  17. Now...that sounds to me like you're admitting to being a troll, and a pretty shite one at that. Like, my 5 year old cousin could do it better than you.

  18. Your NotmeChief impressions are coming along nicely, aided by the old "it's a bite" egress tactic. Especially as you edited it in a full 30 minutes after you admitted you didn't have anything else in your armoury. 30 minutes and you still failed to think of anything else.

    You're shit.
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  19. Love Four to MLP

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