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Murder accused handed to Iraqi authorities


War Hero
Nice one, this must be the first time for the UK to stick two fingers up to the EU.
A sensible decision, any ore need handing ober?

Two Iraqi prisoners accused of murdering two British soldiers have been handed over to Iraqi authorities.

Defence Secretary John Hutton announced the move despite a ruling by The European Court of Human Rights blocking the handover.

Iraqi nationals Faisal Al-Saadoon, 56, and Khalaf Mufdhi, 58, were transferred by British forces in Basra to Iraqi authorities.

An order authorised by officials at the Human Rights Court in Strasbourg effectively suspended the Court of Appeal's earlier decision that the two prisoners could be lawfully transferred to the Iraqi Higher Tribunal.

But Mr Hutton said: "The two Iraqis suspected of involvement in the murder of two British soldiers have been transferred to the Iraqi authorities to face trial for war crimes.

"After December 31, 2008 the UK had no legal power to detain any individuals in Iraq and continued detention would be a breach of the UK's international law obligations."

He added: "The European Court of Human Rights at Strasbourg has asked the UK to retain custody in Iraq of Mr Al Saadoon and Mr Mufdhi when we have no legal power to do so."


Great news for a change doing the right thing has won the day over these lawyers who think that crimminals have more rights than the victims.
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