Mum's gone to Iceland

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by P2000, Oct 10, 2008.

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  1. Lovely place with geysers and such

  2. Abomination unto Odin

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  1. Not content with spawning Bjork, serving decaying seal flesh as a 'national delicacy', and unleashing adverts with Kerry Katona in them (why oh why), the perfidious Icelanders have now stolen our cash.

    Given that the might of the Andrew is elsewhere at the minute I volunteer to comandeer a fishing boat and pop over, give them a god bit of rape and pillage, and get back in time for tea and medals.

    Who's with me?
  2. Have they?

    I always thought that investments could go down as well as up?
  3. I think the specific problem is where people have deposited money in an Icelandic bank that has been suspended from trading by the Icelandic Government. Depositors' accounts have been frozen (what other word could I use) and, on the face of it so far, are forfeit. One doesn't place cash deposits in a bank to own a part of it but interest earnings are expected, on top of safe keeping. It just so happens that some Public Bodies have banked there in pursuit of Treasury proposals. The original point of banks was a place of safe keeping for customers' money; payment of interest being a fair incentive. A banked deposit does not confer a part ownership of, in this case, a worthless bank.

    It is quite right that shares (investments) can go up and down and it's tough if you get your a**e burned. Regrettably, some poor buggers are getting their a**es toasted via their Pension providers.

    Two aspects of this p**s me off;

    a. a foreign bank seizing money it doesn't own

    b. the British Government applying anti terrorist legislation against a NATO Ally.

  4. Lamri

    I cannot see how you make this an investment, no bonds or shares have been purchased you have just given them a bundle of cash and said hold onto this until I want it back within the terms of our agreement.

    Well lots of British people want theirs back but the Icelandic Government have seized it and said, "We are only going to give Icelandic Citizens back their money.

    Broon being sensible for as change said how can we grab all the Icelandic dosh in the UK. If it was the River Wandle(Surrey) Preservation Act 1867 he used to it it he would still get my approval.

    That is why you Brits cannot cope with the EU cos you are the only ones that obey the law.

  5. I'm not so worried about the punters who have had a shock, because they may get their money back.

    It's the bl**dy local councils who have hoarded taxpayer's money in a foreign bank, all the time telling us that they have no money, so must put up taxes by Inflation plus XX% to extract yet more cash from us to hoard somewhere else, less that they overpay themselves with of course!

    I would have said Katona could have done better, but she's allegedly bankrupt despite being paid 100s of 1000s per year!! :lol:
  6. Any time you put money into a something and expect more back, that constitutes an investment, surely.

    As for the councils, look here for the truth!

    Edited to add crap joke:

    Whats the difference between a City Banker and a Pigeon?

    A Pigeon can still put a deposit on a Ferrari!

    I Thank you, I thank you.
    I'm here all week :D
    Ooh, is that Taxi for me? Ta!

    Oh, yes, apparently the UK Gubermont ignored warnings from Icelandic banks, Linky
  7. Lamri

    I think you will find legally there is a vast difference between what is classed as a Investment at that which is a Deposit. I am no expert but a few years ago received some info from the Bank of England on who was allowed to accept deposits and basically you had to be a Licensed Bank. Just about anything else was classed as a purchase or investment.

  8. And now the country is up for sale... £10,000,000 at the moment... :lol:

    Anyone fancy chipping in? Failing that, I'll join you P2000 in Cod War part 43...
  9. Nutty,

    I think you will find I was joking.

  10. Ha.Ha.Ha.Ha.Ha.Ha.Ha. Sorry missed it thick or what.

  11. Exactly
    Plead they are broke and increase local council tax, and then get exposed as having millions stashed elsewhere

    Draw all your savings out "lose it" and claim benefits, tax free and at a much higher rate than any interest you may earn

    Jack McH
  12. have i been down here in aus to long(30 years) was it not normal with extra sweetie money to take it down to your local barclays branch and earn 1% ,iceland ICELAND how the **** would you in a flying fit send it to ******* iceland,what did i do wrong with my millions of yankee dollars.
  13. Ermm Drank VB?
  14. Victoria bitter? the only Dink beer thats drinkable
  15. No Dinkydoo beer, like any USA or Euro Fizz is drinkable unless it is ice cold so that you cannot taste it as its flavour is shite.

  16. I've emailed the seller pointing out that as I already own shares in Iceland he cannot sell them without shareholder approval at an Extraordinary General Meeting.
  17. Don't knock it till you've tried it first..... I was about to in June this year but just a sniff of the stuff made me rapidly become completely unadventurous. I added it to my list of Scandinavian foods I hate, alongside whale meat and dried, salter cod! Yuk!

    Something to dare a baby sailor with on its first visit to Reykjavik..... :twisted:

    PS: Their other national delicacy is Puffin...... Yummy! :w00t:

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