Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, May 14, 2007.

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  1. Well she wasn't from Liverpool
  2. At Swansea Crown Court, Judge Gerald Price QC described Mills's fraud as "brazen

    Really? she`s just left the mob.
  3. I can assure you that when it comes to social security handouts the Welsh could teach the Scousers a thing or two. The social security capital of the UK is in Wales. Was reported on Television, young guy in his 20s claiming and being given incapacity benefit for irritable bowel syndrome.
  4. hey!!!!!!!!!! dont drag me into this!!!!!! :D 8O
  5. As sad as that is, and she does deserve the time, why did it take so long for the authorities to clue in, that they were being scammed...shouldn't a note from say the family Doctor come into play?

    Takes 2 to tango, I believe the bureaucratic idiots who allowed this to go on and on should be penalised as well.

    350 calls.... :evil:

    (scapegoat)... :wink:
  6. Change of tone Slim, time to ponder your thoughts ?
    Explain something about the Liverpool I know, it has crime, drugs, fraud etc, just like Edinburgh, Manchester, London, Leeds, these are some of the places I have worked in in recent times, the culture although is slightly differant each city, basiclly they are not much differant with regards to crime etc.
  7. portsmouth seems pretty much in this vein too- so i dont think it is just scouse land that has these problems.............
  8. Rugger Bob
    There is nothing at all wrong with Liverpool as a city or it citizens as people. I keep saying that I have no problems with Scousers as individuals, I've worked with loads of them sometimes in places where we were the only Westerners around. In fact most of them have been great guys to work with with a good sense of humour.

    What I said was I dislike the way that the scouse tribe acts and that I agree with Boris Johnson's summing up. And sorry Scousers it will take a lot to change my mind.

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