Mum of three starts Naval career.

It was reported in last nights local rag that a Mum of three has just completed her initial training at Raleigh. She is thirty six and hopes to train as a dental assisstant.

Her husband is coming to the end of his 22 and says that thet are going to "Role Reverse" :!:

Apparantly the Navy has raised the upper age limit for recruits to 37.

Are we soon to have a Navy of geriatrics :?: And at 36 can you sign on for 22 :?:

Keep Striving
Does this mean I can rejoin at 59? Got an answer to that one and part of it is 'off' you can supply the rest!

Still it's better than looking after a bunch of snot nosed kids (no hang on that's what I did as Killick of the mess back on the old Mary Rose - only kidding I was abroad at the time)
It's gen. Just google HMS Raleigh-news-Nov 30th.
He looks like a sane and sensible three badge PO, but having been involved with four kids of my own through their teenage years, and ten grandchildren, all now thankfully over eighteen - there is NO WAY that I would volunteer to be Daddy AND Mummy to a 15 and 13 year old!
Nevertheless, Good Luck to the bloke, and his missus, and I hope she enjoys her new career and that he settles into civvy life smoothly. More than I can say I did 31 years ago!

Incidentally "onions",
Did you not read the recent story of the young lady who wanted to join the WRNS but found she was pregnant at 17? Passed out top of her class from Raleigh a few weeks ago, watched proudly by her 19 year old daughter. Navy News had a big splash on it, as did the MOD website. She signed for a straight 22 - just short of her 37th birthday!

No, 2BM, I didn't read it. I gave up on NN many years ago. But I still can't get my head round people in their late 30s signing on for 22. Will they really be going to sea in their 50s and 60s? Surely not.

Keep Striving.
Having taken my naval pension at 40, subsequently joined TA at 43, only to be "dislodged" by cutbacks at 57, and happily retired from my civvy job on the eve of my sixtieth birthday, I couldn't possibly comment! But the new attitude to state pension time is 68, and you can bet by the time these people have finished their 22, the civvy retirement age (non compulsory), will be 70, so, in terms, no different from our (?) time. Although, having now passed that age, I am BLOODY glad I don't have to get up at a specific time to report for work. As for going to sea - with the current reducing state of the fleet - in what?
I think that my (our?) generation probably had (has) the best that this country could offer in terms of provision of pensions, and do fear for the lot of those who follow. From a personal point of view, the last thing on my mind when I reported to the recruiting office, was a pension!
Officers have always, in my time, been allowed to serve to 55, as have selected senior rates, and there didn't seem to be much of a bar on the over 55s serving at sea during WW2, so the addition of five years seems just to be keeping pace with the forecast life expectancy
Take care - and I will strive within my capabilities!

Just read through my post, and you can tell what a sad old git I am by the time of posting, but I need not get out of bed till the crack of lunch, and I'm only doing a dummy run for tonight, so I'll finish the bottle of port and then retire.
Best wishes for a Happy New Year to you and all of yours.
2BM, shifting everything 20 years left I suppose the time scales do fit. Like you I don't have to rise until the sun is approaching the yardarm! But no bugger is going to see me off, so I'm usually upright for colours. Many thanks for your New Year greeting, Tonight I shall be with a load more "Old & Bold" and we will raise our glasses to "Absent Friends".

Keep Striving.
1)Have a good run "onions".
2) I was never "there", (at the the house of blackgaiterdom.)
3) Only borrowed them for three years, but probably the best three of my 23 years service. I "guided" over 3000 young men through their initial six weeks on the parade, enjoyed it to the full. Like to think I contributed in some small way to their individal futures, loved the comments from their extremely proud parents on passing out divisions, and have cherished the memory ever since
Not bad for a cook!!!
Happy New Year.
Sensible move really, especially if you only have 15 months to go, not got 2OE, want to keep your kids in boarding school, you live in a MQ and don't own your own property.

She's not the first to do it at that age and I'm sure she'll not be the last, although it's hardly joining the RN is it? I mean as a DSA but none the less BZ to her
If you are less than 55 with a pulse and have previously served in the RN, especially as a WAFU, you may be able to re-join.
An ex-CPO mate, aren't they always, has just re-joined at age 50 for 5 years and has been promised/threatened with an immediate Junglie or Lynx front-line draft.
Never say never, but I'll give that a miss thanks all the same.

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