Says it all. If thats how the parent/family behaves no surprise the child turns out to be the way they are

No Respect for anyone or anything

The family should be held in Contempt of Court
well im glad i had my Mum and Dad..... they put me on the right path...
seems the more the buzy bodies run our lives the more our children will become like this lad...............
Bring back the days when the local bobie...gave us a cuff on the ear and we respected him for it....(ooohhh incoming for that!!!!!)
There's a a lot we should bring back....from our past...
Yes not all of it was good.... but then we did not have children trying to kill each other did we... if this is what its like now.. God help my grandchildren
(no not qiute that old yet ooooo more incomming)..
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