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Multiple Sclerosis.


MUTUAL SUPPORT - Armed Forces Support Group.

Supporting Members of the Military Family affected by MS.

Raising awareness and a support team, helping with benefits, war pensions and AFCS applications.
Regular newsletters, a chance to meet others in a similar situation.

Join Mutual Support today [email protected]
0208 438 0700

A member of COBSEO (Confederation of Service Charities)
Mutual Support was formed in 1991 by three Service people with MS who realised that the specific issues they faced as Service personnel with MS required specialist help and advice. They got together and formed a self-help group called Mutual Support.

Mutual Support is run by volunteers with direct experience of MS and the Armed Forces, and provides services and activities based on what people affected by MS in the military have said they want.

We are one of the MS Society's National Support groups and can tap into their network of information and support.

A diagnosis of MS is hard for anyone, but it can be harder for Service families because service people with MS may face medical discharge and dependants with MS face periods alone with their loved ones away on detachment. Mutual Support is here to help its members through this difficult time.

We offer support at the time of diagnosis and for the lifetime of the member, advice and assistance with disability benefits, war pension & AFCS claims, help with the difficult process of medical discharge.

Membership of Mutual Support is free for serving and ex-serving members of the Armed Forces and Reserves, their dependants and carers affected by MS.

Email - [email protected]
Phone - 0208 438 0700
Website -
Then why it is in the charity section?
Read it properly, it's run by volunteers but is a member of the confederation of service charities.

I think Apostoins came from your part of the USA, unless, of course, you are he/she under a different name?

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