Multiple adquals - how do you wear the badges?

Discussion in 'UPO' started by 2_deck_dash, Mar 14, 2014.

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  1. Bone question of the week:

    I find myself in the enviable position of being a qualified Nav's Yeo and a qualified Marksman (I know, check me out eh?).

    Just a thought, what is the crack with the badges on my 1s? I know when worn alone the badge goes on the cuff of the right sleeve, but what if you have two badges - or even more?

    Do you stack them one on top of the other like a boy scout? Or do they go side by side? If so which takes precedence? Does the more recent qual go towards the front or is it the other way around? How much space do you leave between the badges?

    Anyone ever been in this position or even seen someone with more than one adqual badge?

    What if I get daggered up or become a Seacat Aimer? What then? I'm gonna run out of space on my sleeve for all these badges.
  2. I thought you had to do an annual re-qual for shooty man badge? not sure about more than one but I'd assume one above the other.
  3. I've just re-qualled as duty bloke who isn't shit at shooting.

    Hence why I ask.

    I'm beginning to look like a North Korean Admiral.
  4. Put one on one sleve and one on the other so you'll look even!

    Here to help:lol:
  5. You ain't real!!!!!!

    You is a sea scout!! Go on admit it - you have fooled us all these years - now yer caught!!!!!

    Does that make you a baby Walt or a Waltette????:lol:
  6. Are you a sea cat aimer as well?
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  7. Seacat Aimer, Ship's Diver, Commando and Parachute trained.Oh and a bugle player and drummer.What is one to do?
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  8. And I thought I was a naval boy scout with my wings and missile aimers badge!!!!!!:applaud:
  9. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Choose your favourite - only one proficiency badge can be worn on the starboard cuff. I've just decided. Alternatively give both badges to the Naval Tailor and see what he/she comes up with.

    3921. Specialist Qualification Badges

    Badges for additional qualifications and special skills are not worn by Officers/Warrant Officers and are worn on the right cuff by other ratings as follows:

    a. Chief Petty Officers 6mm above the centre cuff button.
    b. Other ratings 36mm from the end of the sleeve.
    c. Note that specialist qualification badges awarded by other nations may not be
    worn on Naval Service uniforms
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  10. Now Velcro could be the answer. Simply wear the badge of your choice depending how you feel.

    Job done!

  11. Either option is acceptable; if you want to look a right ****. Put them in the drawer like everyone else for **** sake, that is the correct place for them. 6cm to the right of the engraved shite you get given at the end of any draft.
  12. Hands up, who has seen someone wear their Blue Peter badge on divisions....?
  13. Yeh but then he'd look like your favourite Service's aircrew.
  14. exJenny

    exJenny War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Or a lovely sash like the brownies now have.
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  15. Perhaps this should be pointed out to the RN Cdo fraternity!!!

    So parachute wings would appear to fall in this category and should actually be worn as above rather than at the top of the sleeve "like the Army do".

    Doesn't anyone police RN dress regs?
  16. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Actually, i'm with 2DD on this. He should wear as many quals as possible. He'll look proper ally.
  17. I have actually seen a bloke wearing para wings on his cuff exactly as described above.

    Turns out he hadn't actually done P Coy, but he thought having done a free fall course as part of his AT entitled him to wear wings.

    I pointed out that he was wrong, he thought I was lying. No one really gave a **** and I didn't feel the need to grass him up for being a Walt, his 46 inch waist was a clear enough indicator that he'd never done P Coy.

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