Multifuel stove


Not long ago I spent some time in a cottage in the Highlands, it was fitted with a wood pellet burner and it was the dogs bollocks, if I had a lum I would be in there like a ferret down an occupied rabbit hole.


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Used to have one, very efficient at producing heat. But better at producing dust, also expensive to run, now replaced by a similar looking stove but working on oil, no pump, just works on drip feed. Just as expensive to run but cleaner and easier to use.


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Got one in my French house. Eats wood big time. Fell into it one new year naked bar my mrs knix and a pair of wellies! Still got the scar on my side!


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Rigsby, we use wood burners during the winter here in Spain and alos had one on a narrow boat I used to live on. I agree with all previous comments, but it all depends on what type of wood you burn and how hot you want to keep the room/house. Pine is very available and cheap or free (old pallets, scrap doors etc), but burns very quickly and makes a lot of tar - the glass will go brown in minutes unless you have an airflo system. Hard woods burn slower and cleaner but are more expensive.

They are brilliant bits of kit - get a chain saw and a trailer! Everytime we are back in Scotland I look at all that wood 'just lyining around' and think of what could be!


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all good stuff - thanks

as for scars - got enough of those already and besides my wife wont let me wear her underwear and wellies (gotta buy my own, but have had years of practice doing that anyway)

i have the infrasturcture already in place for smokeless coal and log storage as i have an open fire now (it cannot be any messier than that)

i will burn seasoned hard wood in preference to soft wood because of the 'tarring issues' and smokeless coal for overnight and whenever i want some real warmth

it will be on permanently over the winter (hence the requirement to burn smokeless coal so i am not topping it up with logs every hour or so)

I have a VW SWB transporter van that is already used for 'gathering' wood from my golf course (member of and not owner of)

this thing all in is gonna cost close to 5K fitted. Yes i know there are cheaper models out there but i have learnt in life that is always best to buy the best that one can afford (within reason of course). I do not want to be looking at this thing in 10 years time wishing 'if only i had done bought the other one instead'.

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