Discussion in 'History' started by Darb, Feb 19, 2016.

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  1. We have been taking a few days in Donegal and this afternoon visited Mullaghmore. It is an unremarkable place, probably seeming duller than usual due to the persistent rain and heavy clouds. The remarkable thing about the place is the complete lack of monument to Lord Mountbatten and the three other victims of the bombing on 27 August 1979. The absence of any recognition of the event is chilling. We were glad to drive out of the place.
  2. Perhaps it's a day they'd rather forget!
  3. Nail-Head.
  4. I've been there.It's not a lack of respect. From talking to people there, it is as stated. A day they would rather forget. Lord Mountbatten was very well thought of in the locality. Which may have been a factor in the poor PERSEC given the times that were.
  5. You were looking for a monument to Lord Mountbatten in the Republic of Ireland?
  6. Sorry that came out wrong. I was just stunned there for a minute. You'd have to know nothing about Ireland to think such a thing possible. Aside from the political uproar - no party would survive the suggestion - ithe monument would be an immediate target and would unlikely last a day. This is history, this is political reality. Maybe far in the future ...
  7. You know, my expectation was based on a perhaps naive hope that in the spirit of reconciliation post the Good Friday agreement etc. that there may have been at least a small plaque to record the event and the passing of 4 people. As you say VtG, perhaps in the future.
  8. You are right, of course, but alas not yet. Things have moved hugely with the Queen's visit (as one woman said on the radio afterwards we all breathed a huge sigh of relief that she got back home safely!) and Prince Charles going to Mullaghmore last year, but some things are still too raw. As others have said here, the people of Mullaghmore are still in horror of what happened in their small and close-knit village. It would be outsiders who would revive the nightmare if they tried to put up a monument.

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