Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by toycommandos, Jun 28, 2008.

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  1. Can anyone tell me why the whole world is condeming president Mugabe yet it seems no one can be arsed to take any action??????????
  2. I dont know the politics of why the U.N aren't sending in election moderators but i'm as bemused by it all as you are Royal!!

    Perhaps there isn't enough oil and minerals in Zimbabwe
  3. The only ones that can really take action are the countries surrounding him. In other words Black Africa. If the west goes in to rectify the situation you can bet your arse that Black Africa will condemn the action (as in Iraq and Muslim countries).
    What is needed is ALL aid and ALL dealings to be terminated with Zimbabwe. The people of Zimbabwe may then be hungry enough and angry enough to revolt.
  4. Maybe Ian Smith could see all this as an eventuality
  5. Simple answer - Because any intervention by non-African states will be interpreted as an echo of imperialistic colonialism (thus giving credence to Mugabe's wildest accusations) and blow up in our faces.

    There are several more complex answers, chief of which is that the domestic situation in Zimbabwe has little immediate strategic priority. Mind you, if the Russians or Chinese get involved...
  6. I do find the whole thing very frustrating.
  7. Agree it's sickening , fills me with bloody nausea , :pukel:
  8. i've got a solution.

    Nuke it.

    Jobs a goodun.
  9. LOL, how about we get one of Mark Thatchers buddies to take him out?!

  10. Yea with Mark Thatcher in the lead , sorry he will only get lost , lol :rambo:
  11. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Intervene? with which spare army?
  12. We still have the mighty 4th and 23rd rifle regiments of dragoons and light horseman in reserves dont you know!?
  13. As far as I understand it, it's because any such action can be vetoed by Russia or China... and they're both unwilling to set a precedent for UN intervention within sovereign states on humanitarian grounds/to investigate allegations of unfair elections in case that precedent gets used against them.
  14. Nothing to do with China currently '' at large'' in at least 3 different African states mining billions of tons of minerals ??
  15. Too right, no oil equals no interest.

    It still amuses me that his name, phonetically, in reverse is "EE bah goom". Makes him just another yorkshireman with a chip on his shoulder, stand fast HarryBosch. We'll have him posting his address again and offering to take on all comers.
  16. Well The British Government have really put the frighteners on Mugabe,Took away his honoury Knighthood & Refused to play Zimbabwe at cricket.What next, Bed without supper!
  17. Do they have 9 o' clockers in Zimbabwe?
  18. Hey lets not bother .Tonights news. Kenya. Angola and others endorsing mugabi. :afro:

  19. I shouldnt think many in zimbabwe have much to eat at all at present!Have you seen the rate of inflation there??
  20. I'm not sure Nelson Mandela was referring to Zimbabwe when he was visiting the UK recently and proclaimed the"Failure in the Leadership".

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