Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by seafarer1939, Dec 9, 2007.

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  1. I'm tired of donating cash to charities only for the countries leaders to appear at the EU summit like the fat cats they are.
    African leaders and the EU leaders are a disgrace to their people so:
    I need a charity for Africa/or whatever than can guarantee that my donation goes to children or the needy and not to the ones who are ripping them off.
    I know that'sd a tall order as some will be skimmed but I just want my money to help the kids and not Mugabe and the rest of the corrupt African leaders.
    Tall order but someone my know or already help.
    corruption is endemic but unless I find a way my donations stop,they disgust me.
    Thanks if you can
  2. I disagree about the needing a charity for Africa/wherever that can guarantee etc etc. There is already one mate, Medicine Sans Frountier

    Website :)

    As for Mugabe, the fact that he is STILL in power is, in my opinion, testament to the toothlessness of the international community.
    I'm going to upset a whole lot of people here and probably open a can of worms, but I think that Africa was in a much better state when it was run by Europeans. I ONLY mean economically.
  3. Did you see the Aden programmes on News24? It is now in a much worse state than when the UK was there, and there are riots far surpassing those against the British Empire.

    When you say "Only economically", surely the fact that many of these countries have fallen into Dictatorships also shows some are also worse off politically. What is the root cause, did we leave too quickly, before a stable democracy was set up?

    In many ways though, the way in which the IMF/World Bank used to operate also failed to help these Nations, often forcing a complete sell off of state assets to a foreign, i.e. US/European conglomerate and leaving the country more towards the black in the short term, but with little to pay off the remaining debt in the long-term. Fortunately it is slowly beginning to change the way it operates.

    However, we come back to the point that is made time and time again with reference to Mugabe, would he still be there if there was a massive amount of oil in Zimbabwe?
  4. I think I may have said it before but I make sure I never give to any charity that gives (or pretends to give) outside this country.

    By the way, mugabe come from Yorkshire, look at his name backwards!
  5. Seafarer find a NGA (Non Governmental Agency) and donate through them. That way the likes of Mugabe and his ilk never get their stickys on the dosh.
    Usually they are very small one man band type set up's, but they do good work.
    Don't ask me to recommend any, there are too many,hundreds. A little bit of research will turn up what you need.
  6. I hate it when Brown the Humourless does something I agree with.
  7. I would have been even more impressed if there had been no UK representation.

    It brings home to me again that we will never be in tune with Europe and, as the auditors have yet again refused to sign off the EU accounts, why should anyone believe that corruption is any less prevalent in the EU than it is in many African states?

    As to whether anywhere in Africa is any better off since being freed from colonial oppression, the answer has to be a resounding no. If you look at other places in the world that used to be "British", like Singapore, you can see that benevolent dictatorship can work.
  8. thanks for that,I'll do a bit research.For years I donated to a scheme that chartered a jet[at low cost] then flew a team of doctors to different countries to save the sight of those with a simple op.Gave me satisfaction as the doctors rotated for free and my mate was one of the directors and he showed me the accounts each year.
    Besides he knew I'd stick hot knitting needles up his Khyber if anything was wrong.
    It's now folded with a job very well done.That's what I want.thanks for the replies.
  9. PMSL....brilliant :thumright:
  10. The fact that no one has found a way to get rid of this parasite of a leader is indeed very frustrating. One of the very big problems though is that many national leaders, including many in Africa are very wary of suggesting that other states interfere in the internal affairs of others, mainly because they fear the same reasoning being used against them after Mugabe has been given the shove. Until you can convince the leaders at least of the states surrounding Zimbabwe that they must bring down Mugabe the only hope is an internal uprisising.
  11. It was very reassuring to see John Sentamu's gesture at the weekend. Not being a religious person in any way, shape or form, I usually have no time for the clergy, but cutting up his dog-collar was at least enough to show solidarity with the Zimbabwean poor.

    The biggest sinner in this, other than Mugabe, of course, is the South African government, who must shoulder the biggest responsibility for allowing this piece of vermin to hold sway, when it could have put him under immense pressure to change his ways.
  12. I wonder if it's a case of "Better the devil you know"?? The trouble with all these tin pot dictators - when they eventually get disposed it leaves a hole and half the time you dont know what sort of dictator is going to take over. (look what happened when Blair left) At the end of the day while Magabe is a complete and utter piece of sh*t what else can Govts do? Putting sanctions against the country only puts unnecessary stress on the inhabitants as you know that Magabe will have his nest well and truly feathered and he wont go without. IMHO we should let the evil bastard go to the EU summit .. have him met on the tarmac by a posse from the International Criminal Court - charge him with crimes against humanity and lock him up but if Mugabe gets taken out then it will de-stabilise the region which will only leave it open for the next would be despot.
  13. Perhaps ORBIS the flying eye hospital as well.
    Many moons ago I worked on this aircraft when it was GCAL and owned by British Caledonian Charter.
  14. Sorry adtda but Sentamu is nothing more than a publicity seeking you wuold know if you lived in York
  15. It would seem that the Black African States despise the "colonial" Europeans more than they do their brutal, corrupt brethren. I wonder how the Boxheads felt after the accusation that they were the "megaphones of Britain"?

    I can't see any of the natives being able to raise Zim from the s**t pit it's become.

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