Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by delpower, Mar 15, 2007.

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  1. Would sign it shipmate but I fancy at least some time at home! We are spread a little too thin for any more action.
  2. Already signed it. More cause to invade here than Iraq or Afghanistan Tony!
  3. And quite how are we going to do it?

    Yes the world would be a far better place without Mugabe but how do you get enough troops into the palce to do the job, assuming of course we have them to spare.
  4. Why do we have to do it?

    I am sure there are more countries prepared to do this than the Iraq (the Halliburton war) war.

    Just because we may not have the military power to do it, it does not mean that we cant have the will to do it! Africa does not register with the worlds super powers.
  5. Get out of Afghanistan & Iraq, dust off a 1960s operational contingency plan, substitute 'Mugabe' for 'Smith'. It is remarkable how well some of the old (50s/60s) TS plans still read, and at least we have a bit more strategic lift than in those days.
  6. It is all very sad but this is not our problem. I notice that the South Africans are managing to sit on their hands.....
  7. OK you've got the men and the machines, you now need to get them there which will at best require you to overfly other countries. Now African countries what ever they think of blokes like Mugabe are more than a trifle sensitive about outside interferance in any countries internal affairs and are not only unlikely to support us and may well oppose us.

    Unless you can 'persuade' on of his neigbhors to 'lead' and ask us to help the whole game is a non starter regretably. Just barging in uninvited is more likely to make things worse than make them any better. Equally just making preparations would probably start a wholesale massacre of the opposition justified on the basis they were aiding and abetting a colonial invasion. The very people you rightly want to help would die.
  8. Well said Maxi. There will come a point when the people of Zimbabwe will have had enough - civil war is not a nice thing but we certainly don't want to be involved in another war....
  9. Personally I think aiding the demise of Mugabe would be one of the more honourable things this country could do, it is more the question of how.

    I have heard though his grasp on the reigns of state may be slipping. There are reports he is having difficulty paying the police and army, if this is true he won't last long.
  10. Why do we have to do it. Well in 1966 I was on the Eagle blockading ships entering Mozambique and supplying Rhodesia as it was then with oil. A certain Ian smith was objecting to Rhodesia being handed over to the native population.
    Seems 40 years later he was right and we were wrong. The least we can do is try to put the situation (which is of our making) right :evil:
  11. Our best hope is for someone to make a citizen's arrest when he next visits London, and for the Police to assist the citizen in making that arrest. He could be held under house arrest for a few weeks, maybe months, pending the extensive investigations (eg his racist remarks about the West) etc., and hopefully by the time we forcably deport him back to Zimbabwe, they'll have been a coup and his head will be on the proverbial block.

    Invasion however would be sheer madness.
  12. When in 66, I was there too, on one of the frigates, the Troubridge.
  13. ian the smudger, Of course it is our problem. If I'm not mistaken Zimbabwe is a commonwealth country and therefore has our Queen as the head. If Sir Tony of (B)liar was that quick to invade Iraq under some pretence and dodgy stories about weapons of mass destruction, then why doesn't he do something about this jumped up dictator who openly admits to mistreating his people and who constantly sticks two fingers up to the rest of the world.
  14. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Am I right in believing that that was another Labour Gov. success (under Wilson?)
    We had a blood good Rhodesian Lieutenant onboard the Alaric at the time, strangely enough He disappeared overnight.
  15. I reckon this maniac is a lot more than an annoying little twat, he is clearly insane. In the words of the Dr. Who characters it is a case of ' exterminate ', a need much greater than that applied to the other lunatic in Iraq.
    The matter of Zimbabwe , to me , raises the question of what happened to all of South Africa following the removal of the apartheid regime. Although a despicable practice it seems that in its place there is anarchy.It appears that wherever the 'West' ( read USA ) intervenes everything turns to crap and a bigger mess than the one before intervention.
    The biggest enigma of the whole thing is that the countries poking their noses in are in a bigger bleedin' mess than the ones supposedly needing help. That's the way it looks to me anyway.
    Trouble is these days , nowhere to go for a bit of peace , the whole effing place is a mad-house, :???:
  16. I don't think that Mr Mugabe would listen to Tony.............

    and I don't think that either the public or the armed forces want another conflict

    so why don't we test one of our Trident missiles on him..........

    it would show him we mean buiseness, and it would justify needing a repalcement for Trident :evil:
  17. If i remember rightly,Zimbabwe has been suspended from the Commonwealth for some time.

    Have you noticed,he has a tache just like Adolf Hitler did.


  18. A T boat off Biera and a couple of TLAMS on his Palace one night would solve things.
  19. The biggest victims in all this are the poor bastards living there trying to survive with their families.The real kick in the teeth for them is from south africa who say that other countries should not intervene with the affairs of state of other countries. If the world had done that in the 80's and 90,s all of their politicians would not be called minister but kaffer

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