Mugabe is dying of cancer

Not to sure how true this is as I cant actually find anything solid, but I do hope he snuffs it, after the pain and suffering he has caused for so many people.
Of the c0ck and bowel hopefully, unfortunately no expense or avenue of treatment will be ignored in the quest to cure the cnut.
Hold on though the witchdoctors will be coming out of the woodwork forcefeeding him raw chicken gizzards mixed with 6 month old cattle dung, so linger on Bob.
Having watched a documentary this evening about the young people of Zimbabwe struggling to feed and educate themselves, I hope this idiot's death comes sooner rather than later, and other African Nations are prepared to intervene in the inevitable civil war that will make their lot that much harder.
"Oh dear, how sad, never mind"

So the South African president will lose his ally. Shame eh?

Me, sympathy? I don't get any so why should others expect it from me?
Hedgeporker That depends on who slots in behind Bobby. If it's yer man Makoni, business and sanity might get a chance. Is Makoni sufficiently Shona to be allowed to live, though?

In the meantime, I wish Bobby a truly agonising and protracted demise.
I really hope this is not a wind up.......I, (and most of the rest of the world, I presume) would dearly love to see the back of this piece of sh1te. The Moet remains on ice until this wonderful piece of news is verified.
(Can I stop sticking pins in this doll now?)
So the 'Grey Man' got it wrong:

In 1994, during the Premiership of John Major, Mugabe was bestowed an honorary Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath by the Queen. It entitles him to use the letters KCB, but not to use the title "Sir."

It is still galling to think how the west stood back while this creature destroyed the bread basket of southern africa, but we all know the reason for that lack of action.
If rumours of Mugabe's demise are true you would be very naive if you thought that his current henchmen and fellow travellers are not making plans to carry on in the same vein.My fear is there could be a bloody struggle for power with democracy taking a back seat.
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