Mud runs

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by daffy1, May 6, 2009.

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  1. I know they do them for the divers, but have they got rid of them at Lympstone ??
  2. Surely not!! Character building stuff, especially when PO'd Stripey threatens to make you do one in your brand new Blues!
  3. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Don't think they've got rid of them, just made them a bit more Polite. The training team has to ask permission to do them now from those in authority as opposed to getting p1ssed/p1ssed off with the nods and deciding to do one for the hell of it or as a off the cuff punishment.

    As NZB says, character building............ :director: 8O :cry:
  4. Blobs, Gordon Ramsey is on tv1 on Thursday doing something at Lympstone.
  5. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Another loose cannon running around effing and blinding at everyone, will the Nods notice?

    Thanks for the heads up, If I can get access to the telly (no next top model/corrie/eastenders/talent show) I shall watch it.
  6. Hopefully the lads said character building stuff.....when you are already ballbagged..wheezing and farting from your minor beasting!!.....(that everyone took too easy as Cpl said) Mud Run at 1700hrs.....and show OG's washed & Ironed at midnight, Cpl (stinking of booze) turn out not good enough......back down to the EXE at 0500 hrs :D
  7. Thats what i thought, cause when i went through i had the privilege of having 3 mud runs. Then i herd they had to book them in advance then i herd that they got rid of them due to health and safety.
  8. I was speaking to some friends still at lympstone the other week and they said beastings had changed again. They're limited to the punishments on and off exercise and can get into some stick if they 'go too far'

    this is just what was said to me, so is only 'hear-say'. Looks like i joined 2 years sooner than i should've :roll: :lol:
  9. Stand by........ Go!
  10. Regardless of whats happening in Lympsvitch reference beastings et al The glorious Corps is still turining out fine specimins of smash yer face in Bootnecks.
    Just Youtube Bootnecks in Afghan or somink..
  11. Yeah they are still bringing out good marines, just a shame health and safety is getting to involed. To be honest you learn more when you pass out and get operational experience.
  12. As long as the training is still uber ball bagging, around 30 ish weeks and the commando tests stay the same i could'nt give a fig about the mud run, Its not physical just a bad admin day thats all.
  13. From what i've seen from videos of bootneck training the mud they ran in was knee deep at most, take them to Horsea or even the medway and get them to run through some thick, stinking crotch deep mud, thats proper mud runs ;) or even reopen ganges, jankers hill, faith hope and charity stairs, mud runs at midnight, climbing the mast with no harness whilst instructers are throwing monkeys fists at you, thats how to make proper sailors ;D
  14. Are you the Messiah Jimlaad94?:angel1:

    Your resurrecting some seriously old threads here!!!
  15. Alas no, i'm nothing but a mere mud monster as you can tell by my profile pic, soon i will be walking over the mud, rather than crawling through it, with the best of them, i just wish a could do 2 years of hard training at 14 and boys time from the age of 16, then start my dozen, rather than having to wait 2 years to start, althought its finally here :)
  16. Just a guess, but I'm getting the impression "Kent" is not just your location. You awesome mudmonster you. ^~
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  17. As you don't join up until next week, you base your experience of Horsea on???????????
  18. PS Your avatar maybe a little premature
  19. Now if it were me!!!!

    I would base my knowledge of Horsea on 'plummeting' from the diving board. All I did was call my fins flippers!!!!!

    It was a good plummet! Woke up in sick bay - ruptured a few blood vessels in my ears!! No diving aptitude - result!
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  20. Jankers hill at Ganges? Do you mean Laundry Hill? Mud runs at midnight? Bollocks. And I never saw any instructor throwing anything at anybody climbing the mast. Faith, Hope and Charity? Hardly ever used and not exactly what you'd call a beasting.

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