Muay Thai / Boxing at Collingwood and Faslane

Discussion in 'Hobbies & The Great Indoors' started by older_joiner, Aug 15, 2011.

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  1. Just a quick couple of questions.

    I'm on a 13 week course at Collingwood come the end of the month and at some point in the not too distance future, I will be based in Faslane for a few years.

    I see there is a Muay Thai club at H.M.S Sultan- can anyone give me a bit of information on it? I remember reading in the Navy News about gradings. Do they have guys they send out to fight or is it a syllabus only based affair.
    From a bit of research I see it is called The Hanuman Camp (Royal Navy Thai Boxing Team) and the head instructor is a Gary Gregory.
    Does anyone know of a Boxing club based in the area/in Collingwood or Sultan?

    Similar questions, but for Faslane for the future.

    Many thanks
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  2. Many thanks Soleil.

    I saw on a bit of a research the numbers and email for the Muay Thai club that is in Collingwood, so now I have both bases covered.
    I will e-mail the secretary and ask about both sites.

  3. Hey there,

    I used to train at HMS Collingwood and HMS Sultan under Gary Gregory. He's a good guy, very traditional. They did interclubs when I was there (friendly competitions between local clubs) but I can't recall any higher-class fights. I think the club was fairly new back then though. You can choose what path you want- gradings, fighting, neither or a combination of both. Worth a look at them. Worth looking at the RNBA links too! Good bunch there!
  4. Hey yerself, nice to hear from you again Snaps.
  5. Hi

    Thanks for the feedback.
    There's no MT club here now and the boxing clubs conflict with end of lessons.
    So did they put out fighters then?

    I've seen the boxing gym on site, so if nothing else, I can crack some of my own training.

    I'm not really a grading sort of person and fought at a reasonable level, which is why I'm considering, at least when this course is over, at getting back into it. Still, just shy of 30 now and the hours I used to pull just wouldn't work now I'm not a student.
  6. The RN Muay Thai has got it's own gym at HMS Nelson. Gary still runs the gym and is opening a new gym for civviestoo. Here is a link for his website.

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