Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Cavok, Nov 7, 2013.

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  1. Random question time: Does a tour with the Maritime Trade Organisation get you a gong; thinking Op ATALANTA?
  2. Is this an option for OOW types?
  3. Not any more i think. It used to get gongs in the good old days of 2003ish I believe.
  4. Op Atalanta - Gong, yes; allowed to wear it, no.

    Long thread about it on here, some years ago.
  5. AIUI, The UKMTO in Dubai don't work for the EU chain of command - so how do they qualify for an EU medal?

    Plus I thought the MTO was relocating?

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  6. MTO personnel in Dubbers got a gong under Op Telic. Not under the current operation though. There are MTO personnel (actually person!) working on Op Atalanta who get the medal that they can't wear.

    UKMTO is not relocating and continues to operate in Dubai.
  7. [Pedant mode on] IIRC it wasn't the Iraq (TELIC) Medal but the OSM Afghanistan (without Clasp) that was awarded to personnel in UKMTO in Dubai. It was for one of the early Ops (ORACLE I think?) in support of action in Afghanistan. Award of the OSM for those in Dubai was retained after the various Afghan ops were amalgamated into Op HERRICK until relatively recently.

    IIRC (again) the Iraq Medal was only awarded for service in Iraq or at sea in the NAG from 2003 until May 2011 (and in Kuwait for the earliest part of the Op).

    [Pedant mode off]

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