MTO National Weekend

Couldn't really say, but there was garlic bread and a rather scrummy gateaux. The dancing was of a really dodgy standard and indeed caught on video!

The other stuff was OK I guess!
I've heard from someone that the "buffet" at £15 was what was on offer for free in the JR mess earlier that day!!? Any truth in this?

And did the "high heed yins" speak to everyone individually about their career plans?
Is it true that the £15 a head buffet was the same food that was offered for free in the JR mess earlier that day?

And did the guys/gals at the top spend 1-2-1 time with each person to discuss their career?


Lantern Swinger
Apart from the cakes, buffet and dirty dancing displays can anyone give a few highlights of what was unveiled for the delight of the great unwashed?

We seem to be a bit out of the loop on such things out here (and since I will soon be 'not our here' any more I think I ought to start getting back into the loop.