MTO mobilisation. Safeguard.

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Shakey, Sep 21, 2006.

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  1. The MTO branch has been scouting round looking for a Namesis operator to do a FTRS stint in Dubai.

    As no one has come forward, they have decided to make the position subject to mobilisation.

    They are looking for volunteers first but if no one comes forward (which given the lack of volunteers for the FTRS billet seems likely IMHO) then they will start mobilisation.

    This will be for six month periods.

    Gen dit no sh*t.
  2. Have PMed you
  3. Have replied!
  4. Nothing in my inbox, feel lonely and unloved :cry:
  5. There is now!
  6. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    You too huh? :lol:
  7. Also looking for ADP operators who want to do 2-week stints in U/T billets but they seem to be particularly thin on the ground - 2 weeks in Dubai (at the Queen's expense!) and no takers - barking!
  8. Stupid question - what's the MTO branch? :roll:

    Something to do with transport?

  9. Marine Trades Organisation......I think (NCAGS and C4 mob)
  10. Maritime Trade Operations - everything to do with NCAGS and nothing to do with C4
  11. whoooops sorry.......
  12. You learn something new every day!!

  13. Not to worry, you are not alone in being unaware of what MTO is, does and needs - there appears to be a sizeable proportion of the RNR MTO branch/specialisation/group (whatever the collective noun is this week) itself who are also in the dark over exactly what UKMTO Dubai is all about.

    The RN know about us and like what we do, which is why the unit is still here 5 years after it first deployed.

    Fact of the matter is though, not enough NCAGS people have been out here (for whatever reason) and the unit really needs the support for ORT, leave cover, gap filling, permanent (FTRS) deployments etc.

    If you have the skills and want to hone them in a VERY busy operational environment (and also enjoy the sun, sea and sights of Dubai (in the couple of hours you get off on an average day!!!) - make yourselves known to your RTO.
  14. So MTO is all to do with NCAGS? So what about the other component, the one that doesn't get to go to Dubai?
  15. Lurch - No! MTO is NOT all to do with NCAGS but we DO need ADP Operators in Dubai so, if you can do the job (and want thejob) let the 'powers that be' know! (and if you get the brush ofF - let me know!)

    Why does the RNR always have to be so parochial? - 'one Navy, plus Reserve!
  16. I hear they got someone from Forward to go out for 6 months, starting in November 06.

    Anyone out there doing the Workup weekend in Eaglet 14/15 Oct?
  17. Sorry DP, wasn't looking for a bite. I was just wondering about the other component of MTO.
  18. Shite, I always read these things too late. Wish I'd put my C230 in. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  19. Has anyone gone out there yet ??
  20. Mobilisation to UKMTO Dubai is intended to be a last resort to 'buy more time' for FTRS offers to be made and accepted.

    It is to be hoped (though you can never be certain) that Mobilisation will NOT become a permanent feature of the manning planning for UKMTO Dubai.

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