MTO Branch - FTRS requirement

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Shakey, May 29, 2007.

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  1. Apparently there is an URGENT requirement for someone to fill the JR billet in Dubers, six months to two years.

    Contact your branch if you fancy a suntan!
  2. OK, I not know what MTO is but it sure gotta be fecking quieter than what I gotta put up with at home now.

    Where do I sign ???
  3. MTO - Maritime Trade Organisation. Used to be called NCAGS and AWNIS.

    Looking after merchant ships basically.
  4. Fine if it means i get a decent nights sleep and not a 2 hour slanging match coz she read a text message i sent her the wrong way then where do i sign ?
  5. Also allied warships.

    Edit: Now that I think about it, also enemy warships listening to the unclassified channels. Everyone, really.
  6. Baby sit most of whats left of the UK HMS/RFA in current job :thumright:
  7. What happened to the one that just went out there? No names, no pack drill?
  8. He forgot his name and his pack drill so he's being held up in immigration.
  9. was late and missed the boat ???
  10. The one that 'just went out there' has been here since January and his six month stint comes to an end mid July :)
  11. Its not as cushy as its made out to be..... long days and about 1 day of suntan a week if you are lucky.... its hard work but good if you want to sit in an apt in front of a pc and data input all day for the experience!! :angel3:
  12. What do the MTOs do on FTRS?
  13. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    Hard work out there - did time there when in MTO branch. Forget illusions of a holiday - its an average 12-14 hour day, with a routine that quickly becomes dull - go to ports, come back, have lunch, go to ports, come back, do more NAMESIS, go to dinner, go to more NAMESIS, go to bed.
    1/2 a day a week off if you're lucky, and the work is hard.

    Total respect for the people who've been out there- they've done an excellent job, got a lot of respect from the community and are a great asset.
  14. Where do the MTOs get mobilised, and for how long?

    Also if you take an FTRS does this count in the same way as mobilisation that it can only happen once every 3 years, or could you find yourself in a position where you volunteer for an FTRS and then 2 months later get mob'd?
  15. If you are on FTRS then you are liable for Mobilisation just like any other Reservist (subject to the 3 year caveat)

    I was on FTRS and got Mobilised whilst in post ... and then went back to my FTRS billet afterwards ... then went back to civvy when the contract ended
  16. Roger.

    That makes sense.

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