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StixJimboRM said:
SoylentGreen said:
Annoyingly JPA hasn't yet heard of dropping the R from RNR

Are you serious? Do you really want it to be called the NR ? Seems a bit odd to me, but hey ho, each to his own :wink:

See what happens when someone passes the AIB (congratulations by the way)? Bloody buglers... half armed when entering a battle of wits :)


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Reference our branch name,
It was not designed by CMR, it was our Regular counterparts who decided that, as part of the closer links (integration!) with the RN/RNR, branches will be aligned with the RN. To that end, we were informed that our Branch was now
General Service Warfare Seaman (Reserve). I understand that the only reason for the "reserve" bit was to ensure we did not get confused with the Seaman Spec (every finger a marlin spike, and the specialists in Seamanship in the RN).

If the branch feel very strongly that they wish to change the name, I can spend considerable time staffing the issue, but do not rate our chances of success. I would prefer to spend my time on issues closer to home, but it is your branch, and if you want me to fight the corner, I will.

Seasons greetings



SO2 - negative! - but many thanks for the spirit of your offer.

Just passing along some dripping :) to see what peeps thought.

Besides if someone doesn't like our branch name - just wait two months :lol:

Hope Santa brings you all some Beer, Big Eats and Bag Off for Crimbo!