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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by trehorn, Dec 14, 2009.

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  1. Recently a few people at our unit have been severely restricted on their MTD's.

    I understand that every unit is feeling the pinch but it is so frustrating that we are all expected to mobilise at some point while at the same time being told that our MTD's are being slashed.

    Some who undertake the more important roles within units do (in most cases) get allocated additional days to allow them to come in to do these jobs. However, we've not reached Christmas yet and people are being told not to attend the unit or weekend training because they've overspent on their days.

    I'm not talking about people who attend the jollies, sports events etc. I'm talking about people who have already been mobilised, are planning on mobilising again next year and are being almost banned from units or restricted to one drill night a month because of the shortage of days.

    The same applies to the travel budget. Training is not being undertaken because units cannot afford the travel.

    This is not critisism of the units, its critisism of the whole budget system. We all saw the uproar when the TA's training was almost slashed. The same has been happening in the RNR for years and nobody is shouting from the rooftops about that! They're expecting much more from reservists than ever before and yet the training budgets are completely inadequate for the role we are expected to undertake.

    I'm not arguing about the fact that funds should be directed to the front line first. Quite right too! But not the the complete abandonment of the reseves.
  2. Trehorn - totally agree with you.

    Your unit CO should be asking CMR for more MTDs. Anyone who is being asked to cut down on attendance because they've run out of MTDs and not because of jollies, should be congratulated.

    I know all too well the expectation when training opportunities are announced that eligible peeps will attend. It must then be galling to explain that you can't go because you're out of days.

    Of course if your CO has already made representations... then that's gash. If you're in Warfare and need to do 2 weeks courses and your battle camp for example that's just about all your MTDs gone right there!

    The case must be made to CMR that with certain branches' commitment to training and deployment that current MTDs may for enthusiastic rates be insufficient. That way when next year's budget discussion comes round CMR will hopefully have noted that unit X is threaders and factor that in.

    I live in hope :)
  3. You should think of yourself as bloody lucky! My TA unit has had to put the price of a pint up to £2! We have also had to restrict our Christmas ball to just 800 guests this year and next year's ski trip is now only partially subsidised.

    I for one am seriously questioning my future with the Reserve Forces.
  4. In addition, bearing in mind the shortage on MTD's and travel budget, am i right in saying that from entering the RNR it should take you 4 years to reach trained strength in the seaman reserve branch?

    1. Raleigh.
    2. Weapons introduction (OG526???) and OG518.
    3. OG547 and BSSC.
    4. Safe sailor and 1st Aid?

    Is this the correct format these days?


  5. Have been told by my unit that MTDs for ORT towards mobilisation are unlimited.

    Permission to attend drill nights likewise unrestricted.

    If it's a course you need to do, you'll get on it. No dramas.

    Trehorn I think the problem you describe is very much localised to unit leadership.
  6. TH
    if you pm me with your email address, or reply to one of my ETMs I will send you the Training matrix, which, based on 2 weeks of courses per year, will get you on the TS within 3 years of passing out of NE.
    Happy Christmas
  7. PM incomming.

    And a merry Xmas to you too.
  8. Email inbound with Training Matrix TH.
    Also, (for all members of the Sea Res Branch) the Training Matrix should be available to all Sea Res Personell in your unit(s). If your PSI/DO/STOs do not have a copy, I will be delighted to let them have a copy, just reply to my ETMs, CC your PSI/STO/DO email address and I will oblige.

    Merry christmas to all

  9. Merry Christmas to all!!

    New Years Resolution:

    Let's get the 'Res' out of Sea (res). As has been pointed out to me Logs is not Logs (res) etc. Annoyingly JPA hasn't yet heard of dropping the R from RNR - but it's the only one...
  10. Clearly you haven't been chewed out at the RNSOS for wearing a "Sea Spec" branch badge when you are not a Sea Spec. There's a difference: Sea Spec does seamanship, Sea Res can do warship SPO duties under adult supervision.

    I agree wholeheartedly with your principle - that any reserve specialisations should be specialisations of a regular branch and not some other private army. Moreover, they should at least be useful: you'll find any warship will, at best, use you as a gash hand. Don't hold out for any, er, RF/DF training.
  11. You boys are special - fcuking private army! :lol:
  12. pmsl :lol:
  13. Absolute class Jimbo :lol:
  14. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    See what happens when someone passes the AIB (congratulations by the way)? Bloody buglers... half armed when entering a battle of wits :)
  15. Reference our branch name,
    It was not designed by CMR, it was our Regular counterparts who decided that, as part of the closer links (integration!) with the RN/RNR, branches will be aligned with the RN. To that end, we were informed that our Branch was now
    General Service Warfare Seaman (Reserve). I understand that the only reason for the "reserve" bit was to ensure we did not get confused with the Seaman Spec (every finger a marlin spike, and the specialists in Seamanship in the RN).

    If the branch feel very strongly that they wish to change the name, I can spend considerable time staffing the issue, but do not rate our chances of success. I would prefer to spend my time on issues closer to home, but it is your branch, and if you want me to fight the corner, I will.

    Seasons greetings

  16. SO2 - negative! - but many thanks for the spirit of your offer.

    Just passing along some dripping :) to see what peeps thought.

    Besides if someone doesn't like our branch name - just wait two months :lol:

    Hope Santa brings you all some Beer, Big Eats and Bag Off for Crimbo!
  17. SG
    ta for quick reply, I'm always here to help (well try and help!)

    have a good one

  18. NR? = National Rail

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