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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by speppy2316, Jun 2, 2010.

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  1. I am a keen mountain bike rider, one thing that is bothering me is it worth to keep riding whilst in the RN, the reason i say this is because you have to spend six months at sea (i think) which doesn’t open up much time will there be opportunities to be able to get on the my bike and ride whilst home.

    Please can anyone give me some useful information about this as i really don’t want to stop riding MTB
  2. Yes when you are on base or training outside phase one you should be able to use it.

    Also see here

    I am a keen cyclist too what style do you ride Firetrails, Trials, Downhill etc
  3. In your early days at sea you will often be strongly advised to use your cycle.

    I believe they will sometimes say - 'O Y expletive-deleted B'. Or even offer precise advice on the best stowage places for the said machine, too.

    Hence be sure to take ample quantities of cycle lubricants.
  4. Take your bicycle onboard, the friendly wafus might even let you store it in the hangar, then you can go bicycling when the ship is alongside while everyone else is out getting shedded and living the dream.

    You could also ride it around the upper deck to keep in practice.
  5. Yes, the RN is one of those annoying jobs which can get in the way of hobbies. It's all about priorities I suppose!
  6. Sorry to hi-jack but its along the same sort of lines + not worth a thread.. Im quite into weight-lifting + trying to get bigger then what i am, is there much opporunity within the navy to have access to gyms(i appreciate phase one will be very intense cardio based anyway, but after that?) When on a ship, do they have any basics like a bench press or barbells? Not expecting there to be, but ill never know without asking!!
  7. All bases has Gym's so access to them is easy.

    Ships will have some form of fitness gear, but this will depend on the size of them. The bigger the ship the more chance there will be more fitness gear.

    There is an Amateur Body Builder LPT at Excellent. So weightlifting etc is very possible once your in and moved on from Basic
  8. There ya go


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