msgsmileys own thread...fcukin yankee

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by wet_blobby, Apr 18, 2007.

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  1. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I thought I'd create a thread in honour of the master troll msgsmiley as he seems to want to invade everyone elses threads and topics....he is a fcuking disgrace to many of our american friends here and I doubt is even american, or 15, or has been told I butt fcuked his mummy........she was good.

    So lets have all your shite in here then gobby.
  2. The master troll
    invades our space
    and wanders off in tangents
    attacking Britain's brave and best
    ignoring US history
    so msgsmiley heed the tocsin
    sounded by our Mods
    and follow Wet Blobs sound advice
    to sod off or be subjected to
    the codpiece excoriator*

    *A contraption used in Lord Blackadder's time....
  3. Once upon a time there was a Troll who lived under a small bridge over the Star Spangled River, where he periodically popped out and annoyed the locals. The Troll was called msgsmiley. One fine day a Royal came along, who rejoiced in the name of Wet Blobby. He yomped merrily along in his mud caked boots armed with a couple of roll mats, when he encountered the said Troll......
  4. Blobby, My Mom is 92 thank you you smelly air biscuit. I wonder if you and your wife were to divorce would you still be brother and sister?
  5. which goes to prove, if you yell for a troll long enough, he will appear. grats on your own thread smiley.
  6. Actually Jarhead the nice bloke where I work is from the North of England, a place called Grimsby I think, and he warned how vulgar and nasty the British language is. Said he had to clean his up when he came here. Thes guys can shovel shit but they do not like getting any on them. I will not be cowed by them no matter how drivel their language gets. But attacking one's mother will get things said back they don't want. They will cut and run, watch and see.
  7. oh please, there's more of them than there are of you and you're on their home turf. i know who's gonna cut and run and it isn't gonna be them.
  8. What has Grimby got to do with us spit-roasting your momma?

    She was good, but not as good as pops.
  9. Is it blooby or really wobbly?

    Yo mama so ugly she looks out the window and gets arrested for mooning,

    Yo mama so ugly they filmed "Gorillas in the Mist" in her shower.

    Yo mama so fat she has 2 lovers that have never met.
  10. Someone from Grimsby believes the British language is vulgar and nasty? I believe we all do great justice to ENGLISH, as for foul language, I personally see no need for it. Although I do suspect your friend from Grimsby may be as big a troll cock as you. You fcuking fcuk.
  11. now tykes, don't get you trolleys all wadded up.
  12. Me thinks you blokes spend your time introducing your meat to madam palm and her 5 sisters all the time. Or maybe you get off on having a melvin!
  13. That British language you type of would actually be called English. I note from one of your other numerous and just as pathetic posts that "your school has 56 rifles and we use them for drill.", does that mean you're an Instructor in an ROTC programme?
    Also take note from Jarheads tone it appears that he finds you as big a fool as us Brits, just goes to show that we shouldn't judge all Americans by your posts and the contortions/distortions downright lies of the Republicans.
    ps I had 2s up after Blobs with your Mum, shes slack as.
  14. You have Republicans in NZ?
  15. Since this is my thread, why are all you marmite miners on here?
  16. Hey Elmer,
    See you took note of the "hearts and minds" training in your ROTC classes then, no wonder you guys have so many friends in the world :(

    Never liked using rifles for drill....always preferred a Black and Decker, or a nice Makita myself :wink:
  17. No, we do however have a growing number of ex patriot US citizens who have grown tired of the ramblings of those such as you and other NRA ferkwits, the only trouble is that like you they don't know when to shut the ferk up. Have a nice day.
  18. No the Kiwis ate them all pot roasted.

    Our Language is English not British, other parts of The British Islands, a geographical group of Island set off the North West Coast of Europe, have their own languages, i.e. Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and The Irish Republic all based on Gaelic.

    Now be a good chappie, go away and annoy some Australians, here may be a good starting point for yourself:

    Aussie Guide

  19. Can somebody check where this person is sending from? I lived in the States as a child, and he is using a form of English and syntax, that I certainly don't recognise as American.
    Have we got ourselves another winder?

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