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Grandson is coming to stay for a few days so I bought him FSX, its loaded OK and will start to run, after a few seconds it cuts out and re starts the pooter.

I have run the inbuilt test and it tells me that my pooter has enough of everything it needs to run the Sim, any ideas?
Janner mate you might have the correct hardware, but is all of your software up to date?
Try updating your drivers for your sound and video cards.
I recommend Tweakforce for video cards.

If you have a Creative sound card and are using XP, you can use the automatic update facility at

These updates might work.

Edited because sometimes I spell like a 12 year old migrant.
this happened to me. i am not sure if it will work for you but try going into start, then run, type in dxdiag.
then find the sound tab and put the acceleration slider to none.

i found that i had one or two games with the same glitch (FS2004 and GTA:SA) and it was a problem with the sound driver. i can't remember what i did but i managed to alter a setting that stops the computer rebooting when it hits this glitch, but it just turns up with a blue screen error message instead.

if this does work, you will have to re apply it each time you want to use it and it can cause the sound to go out of sync, a problem in GTA but not so much in FS2004.

Hope this helps
If you cant solve it try finding the forum regarding the game, there is a very good chance that other people will be having the same problem as you.
This is annoying. Halfway through a flight it cuts off, happens to loads of people on the game. Have you tryed downloading service pack 2 for the game?

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