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Mrs Sarkozy, before and after

As Benny Hill said:

"If she hadn't been blessed with two warts on her chest, she'd have no figure at all!"


War Hero
Must admit she looked rather fit at the speechifying bit earlier - but a tad bored. Very good looking woman methinks.


War Hero
I would have thought that M. le Presidente could have least have given us time to celebrate Waterloo 200 in some style before he started to make friendly overtures. Looks like we'll have to pretend it didn't happen, like the mock battle between the red and blue forces at Trafalgar 200.
He should have been met with all the pomp and ceremony at Waterloo station, and then escorted to Buck House via Wellington Street, The Strand, Trafalgar Square, and Horse Guards, with a sympathetic interpreter pointing out all the places of interest on the way.

Vive l'alliance!

Vey nice. Not my type though (I'm sure she thinks the same about me). A lot of the papers are today speculating whether she is the new Diana or the new Jacky Onassis. It is, however, a verifiable fact that she is the new Mme Sarkozy...!
Maxi_77. I see your point;

in fact, both of them.
Taloolah said:
Some like it curvey, some like it not....what's your idea of 'curves' out of interest ?Any examples ?

The women off the Dove advert for a start :)
Gorgeous, every one of them.
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