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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Alfacharlie, Dec 9, 2010.

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  1. Fcuking hell! 1969 he gets lifted for getting his cock out on stage, and only now has he been cleared by Florida!

    When I got my cock out in Israel, it only took another 4 months for the Jimmy and Chief (R) to talk to me again. What a bunch of fannies.
  2. Was there any"Circum....Circum..."Circumstantial evidence" when you were on defaulters? :oops:
  3. Is there a dit here or did you just get your bedroom boatrope out for a laugh??
  4. Do you know Betsy Betton per chance?

  5. Just used to get naked on most runs ashore to be honest. On this occasion I was dressed in a ladies tennis dress, doing kareoke in the 'Underground Bar'. Don't think the locals appreciated it too much though as I was on the tables with negat knicks around 1500(ish).
  6. Bloody hell, how old are you then? Was that on the Mary Rose's first commish?
  7. She just came out of refit, got fitted with sea dart along with HMS Mahoosive. Good times.

  8. Yeah what a bunch of fannys! :lol: Im sure they should have jest passed it off as normal matelot behaviour like they tried to do with an orrifice that I know who swamped up a mosque in Bahrain in the middle of Ramadan 8O
  9. Tsk, what's the fcuking problem with that.

    Yep, dressing up and getting naked was the core of my 12 year career in the RN. I Think that's why I'm trying for the RM now.
  10. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    So you started the craze that ended with Israel winning the European song contest?
  11. Something like that. She was fcuking divs, until the truth came out... Threaders.

    Edited to add: But I'd always upstage the slut.
  12. Yes mate as long as you remember your roll mats you will have a whale of a time! 8)

    Reminds me of the naked mess we had on the Bedivere (cant remember spelling) out in the gulf and one of the comms lads refused to get naked and just sat in the corner watching! What a gayer :lol:
  13. Should of just raped him.
  14. He was rats and from Middlesbrough, even I have standards :lol:
  15. Bootnecks Barracks on ARK 2003 40 Cmdo Corporals used to detail off the lads to give each other blowjobs anyone getting a hard on got filled in for being a Brown Hatter. Lots of black eyes and split lips walking 2 deck

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