Mr MOD call 999,,,,,15 years

Don't do it. You understand the pension implications. Oil/gas and the nuclear industries are crying out for people with your profile, and will pay enough that you will end up better off. Ask Fozmashawd for details of the jobs currently on offer.
One of my first posts on this site was a robust defence of my decision to take 2OE. The intervening 2 and a bit years have convinced me that an Alistair Darling style u-turn is in order. Roll on my fucking time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm sure you took the right decision for you at the time (as I feel I did), but times change, as do our circumstances. Do not think of it as a U-turn, more of having had a diversion along a scenic route (perhaps down a road peppered with pot-holes).

Knowing the witless one, as I do, I think he would be wise to make full use of his resettlement package over the full two years (rather than the <1 year available to notice-givers), and get a better job along with an overall increase in remuneration.
Lots of good advice, I'm sorry to say I took and completed 20E what a big mistake that was, I was in Gib for my last two years, wifey had a good job, house was rented out back home, then I get selected for WO1 it went to my head and spent the next 12 years getting f*cked about by my appointer. Trying to find a decent job at 50 is soul destroying unless you really can't let go and have to join the MOD or worse still Flagship.
After all think how much money MOD is saving by you not taking your pension - your effectively working for less, now if they gave you the pension on top of your pay that might be an incentive eh.
Only ood thing was I got to do a tour on ARK ROYAL.

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