Mr kite in control of the Navy

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by tinkerbelle, Jul 26, 2009.

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  1. Bob Ainsworth, aka Mr Kite--the shop steward in the 1959 film " I'm all Rght Jack" ,is our representative in impressing upon the Treasury the need --for a country surrounded by water as we are--, to have an armed Maritime Force capable in strength and numbers for defending it.

    That sad, mustachioed ,monosyllabic moron wouldn't recognise an Island ,assuming he realised no man, like him, was ever capable of being such a thing .
  3. tinkerbell,

    What the ferkin hell are you jabbering on about,please think very hard and carfully before answering me,if you have the desire to insult me then please expect a broad side back,thanks for your cooperation darling, :wink:
  4. Most welcome.
    When can we meet? Carfully -Or just the two of us sweety.
  5. Seriously, Norman. Are you fcuking mental?
  6. Err, isn't "Norman" actually being correct for once here? There have been many a post on RR\ARSE 'politely' pointing out failings of the politicians I\C of the armed forces.

    Perhaps to not incure your wrath he should have added his quote to one of the previous threads rather than start his own.
  7. But "Namron" as we like to call him at our RBL Club is often confused but occasionally right. We have a good laugh.
  9. Piss off Mr Grantham
  10. There's succinct for you --proving intelligent life still exists somewhere between the X and Y openings of RR
  11. "For once"? If one can read her comments, before they are arbitrarilly removed one will be, for the most part, a little wiser

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