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MR Hammond is for turning!!!!

He mentioned replacing the euro fighter with them. Hasn't that just come into service, what's the lifespan of one of the RAF's new toys?


Lantern Swinger
Don't hold your breath waiting for the F35, there's strong rumours from across the pond that after the US election later this year Obama is going to pull the plug on it, also the two new carriers will be sold on at cost one to the French who will convert it to cat & trap, & the other to India to replace the old Hermes as a harrier carrier, it would seem that the MOD/Admiralty see the way forward post force 2020 with drones from type 45s & the new type 26 not piloted aircraft.:salute:
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Lantern Swinger
The Americans have been testing scram jet technology for a good few years, there's a time lapse satellite image on I think YouTube showing one at a very high altitude traveling at an estimated mach 6.
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