Mr Cameron Apologises for Britain

BBC News - Is Britain to blame for many of the world's problems?

Apologies to the world for what?
Steam and the Industrial Revolution, polluting foreign countries with railways,
Polluting the skies with Jet engines
Abolition of Slavery,
Chemical Warfare (Lord Cochrane)
And possibly, the wheel which was invented in Redruth on October 15th 645BC by Jan Treverthick.

In retrospect Mr Cameron has a lot of apologising to do.
He's as thick as Blair and Broon.He should know better coming from Eton.
Maybe he should apologise to all the young fags that were mistreated at that enlightened
place of learning.
I voted for this prick but he's losing the plot fast.
But he is pausing to listen.
Then he will ignore you anyway.
I have just received a letter from my local MP Christopher Pincher. In it he addresses every point I did NOT raise with him and has completely ignored every issue I sought clarification over.
As he cannot/will not answer me on the points I raised, I can only assume he either has no justification or reasonable answer, so he looses my vote of confidence.
The gruesome twosome need not apologize to the world on my behalf, as although we are far from perfect, we sure as hell do not need to stand with our heads bowed.

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