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I'm the wife of a RM Bandsman and we're going to plymouth. Can anyone tell me where the married quarters are for being based in plymouth/Raleigh please, or what the housing situation is like?

Would really appreciate any help!



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There are quite a few areas of MQ in the outskirts of Plymouth. Eggbuckland, Plymstock, Plympton to name a few. Most are standard 3 bed council style houses with small garden. If they don't have any houses to suit your needs ie your only eligable for 2 bed but they only have 3 beds you will be put in 3 bed at 2 bed rates. Also if no MQ's available then they will put in private but you will pay the rate you would pay if in MQ.

There were a few available in the Plympton area not so long ago although not sure currently. Plympton is a nice area in my opinion.

Sooner your hubby gets on it, sooner you can source a MQ.


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Click on the Families button at the top of the page, no doubt the ladies on there will assist.


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There are also quarters in Torpoint, about 5 mins walk from Raleigh main gate. Not in quarters myself so I have no idea what the availability is.

I did live in Plympton before I moved out into the sticks a bit though and it's not a bad area. About 40-50 mins to Raleigh though, depending on traffic.
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