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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by justadrama, Oct 30, 2014.

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  1. So chatting with the better half last night and she has a big wobble about me leaving and said she wasnt so sure anymore, we were together when i was in the army but didnt have kids so she knows what its like.

    we're not married yet and have a 7yr old and 10mth old, we will be married in the next couple years so was just wondering what the MQ's are like at faslane and the general gist of life for families there?

    also is there a RN wives forum or something of the sort that i could put her on for reassurances.

    thanks in advance,
  2. Thanks wrecker,
    appreciate it.

    hopefully she can talk to a few wives and put her mind at ease.

    cant see it being the only wobble though.
  3. She wants me to go i just think shes worried about being on her own as the words "your just funking off and leaving me" were said last night.
    the rear party site wrecker suggested sounds like a good bet for reasurrances for now and ill just need to dig out my ear defenders for the times it isnt.
  4. Join up as a woo, she'll be begging you and your CO to send you away

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  5. There are WAGS groups on FB which she may find useful including married qtrs one.
  6. There are? Ye gods.....
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  7. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    Not just WAGS our patch has a group for the menfolk, handing for herding the cats towards hostelries.
  8. Are they station specific or just navy wags in general?

    Is that so blokes get support when there kicked out after landing back to back Deployments?lol
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  9. Not sure if anyone will be able to answer this. But in terms of MQ's my partner is disabled and uses a ceiling track hoist to get in and out of bed and has to have automatic front and rear doors. Is that something that would be catered for in a MQ or would it not be an option.
  10. It should be......
  11. It should be... but my expirience in anything to do with disabilities is it probably wont be haha. Fingers crossed ey
  12. There's loads about MQ's at the start of this thread mate and if you Google AHA they have a few good reads about stuff like that!
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  13. Yes there are specific Navy Wag pages/groups on FB
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  14. From experience, I have Hypermobile joints, she'll have to have an OT assessment every time you move house then adjustments will be made accordingly or they'll put you in SSFA so you'll pay grade 1 prices but they'll adjust that too.
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  15. Wags of the Royal Navy
    Married quarters r us

    Are two good fb pages to start with but you have to PM the admin to say you're a navy wag or what your RN connection is. A lot of the groups are secret though.
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