MPs want to change the Union Jack. Un-be-fcuking-leiveable


WTF??? Have these people got nothing better to do with their time? Does anyone learn British History anymore? Wales is a PRINCIPALITY and has been an Administrative Region of England for 600 years, and is therefore represented in the Union Flag indirectly by the Cross of St George. Our Welsh brethen have fought and died over centuries for this Union under this Union Flag - to alter it now would be to dishonour their memory.

Why bring this up now? This Government will not stop until it has destroyed and fragmented this once great Nation in its continual pandering to the PC brigade.

And what of all the other flags around the world that incorporate the Union Flag - Oz, NZ, Canadian Provinces, Hawaii even??? To change our design would lead to Republicanism throughout the Commonwealth and erase 400 years of glorious historical heritage.

Fcuking Labour. I hate the cnuts.
Re: MPs want to change the Union Jack. Un-be-fcuking-leiveab

Don't worry, I was listening to some Goobermint numpty the other night saying he thought there was a case to look at changing the wording of the National Anthem to quote…'Make it more inclusive as we now live in a multicultural society'.



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What a sensible idea. However it was not put forward by the Viet Taff, someone in the Muslim community spotted that the Welsh Flag contains a lot of GREEN and thought it would be the perfect way to get this green onto our flag.
I'm Welsh and I've no problem with the Union Flag. It should remain the same !!! It's a waste of time and waste of money.


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The freedom of choice that the Union Jack [sic] represents also gives those with alternative points of view the "freedom of choice" to voice them, even when they're contrary to your own.. :oops:

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