MPs using our taxes as 'allowances'. And other arseholes.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by JaFAA, Mar 23, 2009.

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  1. Title says it all really.

    They're like fukcing kids if you ask me. In any normal job, if you wanted it that bad you'd be willing to travel to do it. And if you really REALLY are having a hard time doing your job from where you live, you make the decision - quit or move house - and pay for it yourself.

    I'm certain the vast majority of MPs are good people. But add to it the fact that these ones who take the piss probably wont get punished at all. Can't stand the way it all works sometimes.

    Anyone got anything else to add? Any kind of hatred towards the ones who think they're above everyone else will do. This includes the arsehole MPs I've just been on about, any dickhead who's born into money and assumes they're better than the rest, and in general anyone who you feel is worth hating.
  2. I love the fact that if I, as an apparently trusted and responsible Officer in the Royal Navy, drive from Guz to Pompey I have to submit a Budget Control form prior to the drive then claim the money back afterwards, then (usually) get audited to ensure I'm not making a fraudulent claim. Oh, and the money I get back doesn't cover my actual fuel expenses. MPs, on the other hand, are given free reign to claim what they want with the minimum of oversight - and seem quite happy to put their hand in!

    The Government no longer sees the RN as the RN - we're just another branch of the MoD. Surely the rules should be the same for us all? MPs should be given a shitty computer system to make all their claims with, after getting permission beforehand, then get audited after the claim is submitted (on a "random" basis).
  3. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    I hear on the news tonight that a Commons Committee is going to look into all MP's expences etc. The question is, " Who audits the Auditors?"
  4. Simple. One of their mates! :wink:

    They are a bunch of disgraceful scum I must add. I wouldn't trust any of them. :evil:
  5. Yep - there's now been an official complaint against this latest knobber.
  6. Well no one really, this latest enquiry is yet anothe Brown fudge, wont start for months and wont report conveniently until after the next election.

    Doe Brown and the rest of his sponging mates really think the average voter is really that thick. I really think we are perhaps getting close to the point where even the decent labour MPs will find their local support evaporating because of this.

    Not only is the labor party in general on the take they are being shown the way by the cabinet.
  7. Seems to me that, as the ruling politburo rolls downhill toward its own demise that the allegations of sleaze start to crop up. It happened with the last Tory Gov, Blair said he would stamp out any sleaze in Nu Labour ... and now as Fat Gord and his cronies see the writing on the wall the sleaze starts to appear and truth to tell its been going on years!
  8. Well just count up the number of times the Prince of Darkness has been sacked for having his fingers in the till, and there is time for it to happen again

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