MPs think they are paid too little

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Always_a_Civvy, Apr 9, 2007.

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  1. In a recent survey by ePolitix, 79% of MPs (mostly Conservative) have indicated that they consider their basic pay of £60,675 to be too low. On top of this they receive £2613 London Allowance. Of course it's a very good salary for anyone working in the public sector, as MPs are. When other public sector workers complain about low pay (for example £15,000 a year including Inner London Weighting) they are told if they don't like it, to find another job in the private sector. Surely what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

    Then there is what service personnel get paid annual for putting their lives on the line for defending the rest of us! Perhaps the starting rate for a Rating with a couple of years experience should be £60,000 a year?
  2. The problem with MPs pay is that it doesn't tell the whole story. If they put down all the allowances they are entitled the actual pay is dwarfed by comparison. And of course as these are allowances I would be suprised if they are taxed on them.
    Do you perchance have a full list of these perks Steve?
  3. Slim,

    Click on the link marked 'basic pay' in my original post. That takes you to the latest information on allowances, etc.

  4. 60k is their basic but dont forget the dosh they get for "Consultancy" positions on Companies Boards and other pies they have their sticky nasty fingers in!When was the last time you saw an impoverished MP???
  5. I voted for other - give them the UK average wage.

    As for expenses, I understand thet trips to and from their constituencies, membership of committees etc are necessities, so these can be claimed back retrospectively. Of course, such claims will need auditing (as per JPA).

    London allowance - fair enough.

    For secretary allowances - pay the sec directly using the market average wage (if you're Prescott's secretary, probably more cash to make up for having to shag him). If they want their wife/husband/partner/rent boy to be their secretary, then they get the market average also.
  6. Sorrry Steve you're such a prolific poster that I can't find it :oops:
  7. It is fair to say that many MPs will take a pay cut when entering Parliament.

    One could argue that it was their choice.

    The same argument has been touted about the demands for greater pay and provision in the Armed Forces. I appreciate the subtle (lol) difference in circumstances (fewer bullets but more knives), but there is an argument to be made that MPs do in many respects have a crap job.

    They have a job security of less than 5 years, no company pension and often have to travel hundreds of miles weekly to do, in some cases, up to three jobs. They must surrender a great deal to enter Parliament in terms of jobs, assets and interests, which in many cases can substantially lower their quality of living and, on top of that, they have to spend every day knowing that at least half of the country thinks of them as snivelling rats, and most of the other half voted for them as a last resort.

    On top of this, there are long working hours and a great deal of intellectual engagement is required.

    Now, I don't believe that they should have any more money as 60k seems more than adequate as folk in comparable jobs get less, but I do think that an appreciation of the difficulties of being an MP is called for. We take the image of the Oxbridge front benches as gospel, forgetting that apart from the odd few self-made men, a great deal of MPs do come from a background involving far fewer canapes.

    I myself still wouldn't trust them to take care of a concrete-encased stuffed tortoise, but that's another issue :-D
  8. Since you've put it this way Chalky my heart bleeds for the poor unfortunate members. As they are not resigning in there dozens though I believe that they are indeed very happy with their lot.
    Seems that at least one person on RR has swallowed their spin.
  9. I assume that everyone else who doesn`t have a Company Pension wishes that they had an MPS.
  10. Careful now, Slim. You'll note I didn't agree with their calls for a pay rise and as an addendum, I do believe that greater transparency and more stringent restrictions on expenses are called for.

    However, I also have an appreciation that legislating for a nation and representing tens of thousands of constituents has greater responsibilities than, say, being the area manager of a supermarket chain, which despite its high pressures and undeniable challenges, is, shall we say, less consequential whilst incurring a higher salary.

    It doesn't necessarily mean that I believe our current quorum members are morally worthy of their salaries and expenses -rather I'm looking at it in the ideal - but I'm not addressing that area of the debate.

    Just because you don't whole-heartedly embrace my point-of-view doesn't mean you should respond as if I'd picked up an extra chromosome at Farmfoods and need state-sponsored support to tie my shoes.
  11. A lot of MPs use their wives as secretaries and the staff allowance remains 'in the family'. If I do some rough additions from your link to salaries and benefits it all adds up to GBP 211,414 p.a. if I factor all the benefits in. In addition to this would be another GBP 9000 p.a. in pension contributions and another GBP 37,281 winding-up allowance.

    I seem to recollect that any official travel is paid for separately and that an MP is not liable for council tax on his/her London property. Add a couple of Directorships and/or Consultancies to this and the picture changes just a tad.

  12. Can anybody think of any other job where you need absolutely No qualifications & for the life of your job you would not even have to turn up (this could be for 5 years............).
    If the Martians abducted them all tomorrow we could have another 650 members of the public elected next month & I would hope this time some members of the Cabinet would be English & not have been at University with Billy Liar.
    Perhaps their wages ought to be tied in with how well Britain PLC is doing!
  13. Should MPs not be paid by the hours they actually spend in Westminster/their constituency surgeries???

    How many votes go through with less than half the MPs actually there ?

    If we have voted for them to do a job on our behalf do we not have a right to expect them to do said job ?

    Why not have a starting salary of the basic Civil Service band and then they get paid extra each time they attend a debate/parliamentary session or when they conduct a surgery for their constituents, also stop them employing family members (anti sleaze and all that).

    If they don't meet the expectations of their constituents then they dont get the annual bonus etc....
  14. Chalkie
    I noted that you did not agree with the pay rise. However my little dig was with your belief that MPs actually work for their money and take salary cuts to become one of the great representatives of the people. Take a look at parliament on television, unless there is a really important debate taking place the numbers present can often be counted by a four year old. Many retain other positions while serving as an MP, which often are extremely lucrative. I notice that there is never a shortage of applicants when an MP dies and an election occurs.
    Take a look at Bergans post, he has obviously done some research, figure reaches £211,000 per Annam plus £9000 per Annam pension allowance and finally if after five years he does not get in again a £37,000 winding up allowance.
    Anyone else thinking of standing at the next election?
  15. Slim,

    I am - starting my own party 'The Common Sense' Party.

    Volunteers welcome to help do the door knocking and to help get the message across that Common Sense is not dead, just buried under the PC Crap.
  16. I'm with you on this one, could we raise enough dosh to fight every seat at the next general election. I only have one condition, I want Boris (shoot from the lip) Johnson to lead the party.
  17. No Probs there. He can stand for the Portsmouth or Liverpool seats, sure he would be welcomed with open arms....

    Why do we need cash, if we get enough of the Armed Forces on side then im sure a little bit of friendly persuasion could be used :wink:

    Lets get the tanks on the streets, now where are those new ships for the RN, HMS Pedalo, HMS Rowboat and HMS Canoe so we can storm the Thames :lol:
  18. Why is this fair enough ? I live and work in London, but I don't get a 'London Allowance'- let alone any travel assistance to get to work.

    This is just mollycoddling non-workers (well, most of them) at the end of the day - or should I say 'at the end of our hard earned wages taken in taxes' and wasted on these people ?

    Glancing at the link that Steve kindly provided (though I also got my info from the Civil Service Yearbook) £60k+ is just the tip of the iceberg that these spongers get. I think most of us could live very comfortable on just one of the 'allowances' - let us also not forget that the majority of these people also employ family members as 'staff' probably receiving travel expenses also !
  19. I reckon MPs should claim their pay and expenses through JPA keep their receipts etc.. It would soon get sorted out then.
  20. Wouldnt work - Primarily coz JPA doesnt (if we believe the posts) also they would have to tell the truth and that would totally stump them :wink:

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